Amazing Reports are just now coming back from our first Upward Challenge in Alaska (2011).

Bill Ferree, who worked hand in hand with Alaskan Dunamis Fellowship members to conduct the first Upward Challenge Alaska youth event, reports that the week was an amazing experience.

39 Teens and about 15 adults spent a week camping out in Wasilla, AK. There was a great move of the Holy Spirit during several of the night sessions.

The students were taught a youth version of Gateways to Empowerment (Dunamis Project #1), about the Spiritual Dimension as the Fourth Dimension, adding the Holy Spirit to what is generally seen as a 3 Dimension world view.

Here are three testimonies from Native-American students who attended:

Morgan Jr: “The stuff I experienced was the Lord healing me and setting me free from nicotine addiction. The other one was God giving me friends that felt like brothers and sisters.”

Brianna: When I was at Upward Challenge it changed my life so much. It gave me new ears to hear God talk to me, even gives me pictures. It even made me stop chewing [tobacco]. That’s when I was in Upward Challenge.”

Deborah: “God brought me to Upward Challenge so He can teach me new things about the 4D world. He showed me how important worship and prayer is. He gave me the opportunity to know how to be my true self and see what having real friends is like.”

This testimony is from a college student who is intending to become a pastor.

Josh: “Going to Upward Challenge Alaska has not only changed the way I view my personal walk with God but it has changed the way I approach ministry. Since I attend a Christian university studying youth ministry and theology, I thought I had a decent grasp on the complex nature of God and the Holy Spirit; however Upward Challenge showed me that there is still more to learn and more to experience. The power and presence of the Holy Spirit has been renewed and is alive in me more today than ever before thanks to Upward Challenge.”

Youth Attending Upward Challenge Alaska

Youth Attending Upward Challenge Alaska

Most of the Group right before our commissioning ceremony.

Sleeping Arrangements Alaskan Style

Sleeping Arrangements Alaskan Style

Our humble accommodations. Not sure if this is daytime or nighttime. We only had about 3 hours of dusk per night.

Snow in July!

Snow in July!

Only 20 miles from where we camped we went on a hike led by Pastor Henry Woodall.

USA Youth Leaders

USA Youth Leaders

Four Student Leaders from the lower 48 took their time to model that you can still be a young adult who is faithful to God.

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