At first glance, praying “Your will be done,” Matthew 6:10, seems like a straightforward request for the Father to go to work to right what is wrong, repair what is broken, and straighten what is twisted. Phil Noordmans helps us understand what it means to pray according to God’s Word.

He works and we watch. However, I believe there is more to this prayer. 

Future Realities 

All that the Father “wills” (desires, plans, intends) for the end of the age will become a reality.  

His endgame is not in jeopardy. For example, there is no reason for us to plead for the Day of the Lord to come: it certainly will. 

Present Realities 

  1. Life in the present often falls short of the Father’s will. Many things that happen in our homes, churches, communities, and world are not God’s will. 
  • Abortion clinics suck the life out of human beings 
  • Drunken fathers exasperate their children 
  • Elected officials practice corruption 
  • Parishioners undercut pastors 
  • Churches divide 
  • Marriages implode 
  1. Whenever we see or experience something that is out-of-alignment with the Father’s will as revealed in Scripture, we can intercede, imploring, “Father, Your will be done in that relationship and situation.” 
  1. Generally, the Father does not act unilaterally to implement His ideals. Rather, in response to our cry, “Your will be done,” the Father may give us an assignment.  

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For example, when we see a marriage imploding and we pray, “Father, Your will be done in that marriage,” the Father may beckon us to participate in the repair process.  

“Go to the husband. In humility share with him some of the issues you faced in the early years of your marriage. Be specific and brutally honest.”  

When we respond to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we become instruments through whom the Father’s will is done in that marriage. 

Make the World a Better Place 

Jesus wants us to work with Him to make our world a better place. Whenever and wherever God’s will be done, life is good. People thrive and creation flourishes.  

In response to our prayer, Jesus may assign us to speak words and do works that lead toward the good life. 

A quote from the article with a man standing by a river. He may be thinking about praying, Your Will Be Done.

Refrain from Praying “Your Will be Done” Unless… 

Refrain from praying this phrase unless you are willing to participate in obedient response to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the restoration process.  

Just as Jesus set an example for us to follow when He declared, “Behold, I have come to do your will, O God,” Hebrews 10:7, ESV, so we are to do His will, first in our own lives, and second, as the Holy Spirit directs, in our spheres of influence. 


Someday God’s “will” will be the only will that will be done, for God “works all things according to the counsel of his will,” Ephesians 1:11, ESV. In the meantime, let us sign-on to be coworkers with Christ to establish His will in our relationships and communities.  

The Father is counting on coworkers like you and me to work with Him in the power of the Holy Spirit to repair brokenness in relationships, health, finances, and creation.  

Your Will Be Done Reflections

In the section below, please share your thoughts.  

What do you understand Jesus to mean, and not mean, when He instructs us to pray, “Your will be done”?  

Perhaps tell us a story about what Jesus led you to do in response to praying, “Your will be done.”  

What move did He direct you to make? 

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