This is a summer (2019) where you can make a huge difference with your gift in the life of the families, youth and young adults who come to PRMI to have an encounter with Jesus Christ, where they will learn about how to walk in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Life change will happen in the next three weeks at over-filled PRMI Events.

Empowered Families

Empowered Families starts Wednesday, July 10. This is Dunamis for families.  Parents and children will learn about the dynamic of cooperation and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Families loved the week last year and most are returning and bringing others with them.  We had to cut off registration because we could not accommodate the numbers who wanted to come!

Enriched our family with growing desire to pray together and expect more of God in and among us. This event was refreshing and inspiring. The fellowship was so rich. We are ALL so glad to have attended. It was worth the 16 hour drive! 

Elizabeth Natividad

With the Wind

The following week, July 16-20, young adults will learn about cooperation with the Spirit at “With the Wind.”  This will be the largest group yet.

“With the Wind 2018 for me was defined by wholeness, of being ministered to in soul, mind and body. Morning prayer, daily devotions and afternoon prayer meetings served to nourish the soul in comfort and love. Daily teachings, strongly rooted in the Bible and a rich heritage of theology were a delight to dwell upon and answered the burning questions I was dealing with!

Kevin Nagtegaal, Ontario

Upward Challenge

The week after that, Upward Challenge will be full of teenagers seeking to deepen their walk with the Lord.   They will have lots of fun camping, great games and seeking God together. This group is also at maximum capacity.

Young Adults pray for SamHale
Empowerment Prayer by Upward Challenge Campers for Rev. Sam Hale.

Full and Overflowing

We are full and overflowing.  Due to the fire reconstruction, these groups are facing challenges of not being at the Community of the Cross.

With the Wind and Upward Challenge campers have to pay for facilities to attend this year. We cannot wait until the Community of the Cross is back online in a couple of months.

Prayed up and Ready

Each summer, we pray for life changing impact of these events and for the volunteers who serve these programs.

Volunteers give their time and energy because they believe in helping the next generation grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

They’ve been planning and praying for months for the impact they are about to make. 

But we need your help.

PRMI is a faith-based ministry.

We rely on offerings to cover operational expenses and to advance the mission of equipping people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. 

Would you pray about a $50 gift to support one young person or family for one day at our events, over and above what participants are already paying to attend at an offsite conference center? 

You can give that $50 online by clicking the donate button below.

Your gift will help create the context where these students, young men and women, can encounter Jesus Christ and learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

How you can pray the next three weeks:

  • For the event leaders to be sensitive to God’s leading.
  • For Kairos moments to occur in groups and people.
  • For generosity to advance the reach of Dunamis teaching.
  • For the safety of everyone travelling to and from these events.

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