Of the programs I’ve been blessed to help with, With the Wind is one of the most meaningful to me personally.

My first PRMI event was a College Dunamis (yes, there really was such a thing!), so in a way helping with With the Wind feels like God’s opened the door for me to give back by continuing the legacy.

With the Wind is a unique spiritual formation retreat in that it enables young adults to grow in empowered ministry as part of their walk with Christ.

What’s special is that With the Wind does it right at the point in life where young adults are starting to make major decisions about their life’s direction.


by Benjamin McEntire (pictured right)

Eager for Healing

With the Wind Alaska 2016

This year, the With the Wind program in Alaska focused on how to pray for healing, an area of ministry that could not be more relevant to today’s young people.

Those who came to With the Wind: Alaska this year learned the basics of how to pray for physical, inner, and relational healing, as well as how God can use individuals to help bring healing to divided communities. Many of the young adults present were eager to dive in and pray with one another.

Never Too Young

Many of us, myself included, received words from the Lord through their prayers, and some experienced healing in profound ways.

Don’t for one second let anyone convince you young adults aren’t mature enough to hear from or be used by the Lord!

When Deep Brokenness Meets Deep Healing

An intimate time of worship at With the Wind Alaska

An intimate time of worship

I believe Jesus wants to groom today’s young adults into people who will faithfully follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as part of their everyday life. Because today’s young adults often focus on their pain and brokenness instead of trying to hide it,

I believe Jesus wants to turn many of today’s young people into witnesses who will share the healing power of His death, resurrection, and presence in our lives with their friends and family.

This year’s With the Wind: Alaska was a platform to see some of the young adults of today start walking down the path to becoming the ministers of healing Jesus has called His people to be, as well as the leaders of tomorrow.

Going forward, we celebrate the good work our Lord has done amongst His people.

To the Ends of the Earth

Climbing the Mountain at With the Wind

We are also seeking to grow the number of attendees, so I invite your prayers for this event to have an ever-growing impact not only in the lives of those who come, but throughout communities in Alaska, the lower 48, and all over the world.

May God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, be glorified as we grow together in reaching the younger generations!

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