The Jerusalem Prayer Endeavour provides you with the opportunity to grow in the area of intercession as you are able to pray onsite, with insight, in Israel and specifically in Jerusalem.

Whether you are a seasoned intercessor or just growing in this area of your life, this prayer endeavour will create moments to experience and encounter Jesus Christ, grow in your understanding and practice of intercessory prayer, prayer walking and discernment as well as strategic or high-level spiritual warfare.

This is not a Biblical tour, but you will be able to visit some of the Biblical sites connected with the events of Jesus’ life and death. You will gain a better understanding of the Bible as you visit these places and observe what is happening in the physical while growing in discernment as we listen to what the Holy Spirit says to us in these places. 

Worshiping together and celebrating communion at the Garden Tomb.

This prayer endeavour will allow you to journey to the centre of the world and to gain a greater understanding of how the earth really does revolve around Jerusalem.

You will grow in your understanding of spiritual warfare as you visit the “ground zero” of the spiritual conflict between the kingdom of God and our adversary the devil. 

You will gain insight into the schemes the enemy is using to attempt to hinder the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

You will grow in understanding of the Messianic Jewish community and their witness within the land of Israel. You will meet Messianic Jews and hear their stories of living and working in the land. You will hear the joys and challenges which they face as believers and have opportunities to pray with them and for them. Scripture calls us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and as we seek to do that, we will pray blessing upon the land and the people of the land. 

You will grow in your understanding of how Christian and Messianic Jew are called together as the one new humanity for the advancement of God’s kingdom. There will be opportunities to pray together as the one new humanity as we connect with Israeli intercessors and share together in the work of intercession. The Lord has blessed us with growing friendships in the land. There will be time to encourage believers and help them grow in the area of intercession.

Three parts of our Prayer Endeavour

1. Preparation

There are a number of video teachings and books which will help to prepare the team for their journey to Jerusalem. In addition, the team will gather ahead of time for discussion and prayer so that unity in the Spirit can begin to be formed and the Lord can ready us for the work he will be calling us to do while in the land.

2. Engagement 

The actual trip to Israel is a time of engagement. As we arrive in Israel, we will first spend time in the Judean Hills outside of Jerusalem at Yad Hashmona to rest and prepare ourselves for the time in Jerusalem.

Each day, there will be time to prayer walk within the city of Jerusalem as we visit sites and meet with Messianic believers. We shall be listening for specific assignments from the Lord and opportunities to bless the people and the nation. Our time will be led by the Holy Spirit, but will include:

  • Visiting and worshipping with Revive Israel
  • Joining worship at King of Kings Community in Jerusalem
  • Visiting the Jerusalem Prayer Tower
  • Meeting Messianic Jews who are living in the land
  • Visiting the garden tomb
  • Visiting the western wall and the temple mount
  • Visiting the Mount of Olives and the garden of Gethsemane
  • Celebrating a Shabbat dinner
  • Prayer walking around Jerusalem

3. Return

As we complete our time, we return again to Yad Hashmona to debrief and discern what the Lord has been doing in us and through us.

We shall also take time to listen for how the Lord would have us return home as we seek ways to incorporate what has been learned and experienced into our “regular” lives.

We will look at ways of continuing to develop in the areas the Lord is speaking to us about. 


The dates for the trip are February 3-13, 2020.

We shall be leaving JFK airport in New York City on February 3, 2020, and arriving back to JFK on February 13, 2020.

We shall be in Israel from February 4 to February 12.


The cost for the in-country part of the trip is $1800 US. You are responsible for your airfare to Israel.

Once your application is accepted, you’ll be given the details on how and when to make financial arrangements a 25% deposit will be required once your application is approved. 

Deposit is due by November 22, 2019.

How can you Participate?

1. Are you called to be a part of this prayer endeavour?

If you feel the Lord calling you to be a part of this trip to Jerusalem please email Martin Boardman for an application form. 

2. Are you called to support in intercession?

You may not feel called to be a part of this current trip, but the Lord may still call you to intercede for those who are going. To sign up for prayer updates for this trip please use the following link: 

3. Are you called to help financially?

Part of our time will be spent encouraging and equipping believers in Israel in the area of intercession and specifically event intercession. PRMI’s strong commitment to intercession and intercessors on the wall has been recognized by the Messianic community.

Your financial support will help to provide materials we can use to equip intercessors to be effective in the roles they are called to. For more information on ways to give visit

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