In October, Tom Willcox, President of PRMI’s Board of Directors and pastor of 1st Presbyterian Church in Branson, MI, returned to South Korea.

He was there in June, helping to teach the Dunamis Project #4 on the Healing Ministry of Jesus.

Now he not only planned to teach at the Dunamis #5, but also to help in building the work in South Korea in other ways.

Upon arrival in Danyang, Tom wrote:

“The days ahead will be exciting as we work toward the creation of a new PRMI Regional Expression [of the Dunamis Fellowship] here in South Korea, develop a fledgling “Dunamis Publishing Company”, visit Jesus Abby and that’s just between now and Sunday evening.”

The following week, Tom and Father Ben Torrey taught a Dunamis Project on Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement. Near the end of the event, Tom wrote:

“The pastors and ministry leaders were amazingly well engaged through a huge amount of material and then still had the energy to work hard at application in our lab time tonight. Today was all about ground level or personal level spiritual warfare. This is a combination of discipleship, healing and deliverance. For some, we gave them a systematic way to understand many years of ministry experience. For others, this was their first introduction to the concept of setting people free from the wounds and bondage of the enemy. I can only imagine what God is going to do in the coming weeks, months and years here in South Korea through these pastors & ministers and the congregations they serve.”

Pastor Tom Willcox

Pastor Tom Willcox


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