Here is one of those urgent times – a Kairos moment — when some things must happen now if a Kingdom work is to be fulfilled in the future as we find what the Log House needs.

We need your help in praying in enough financial gifts to complete the renovation of the Log House at the Community of the Cross by of August 2019.

A generous donor has offered a $50,000 matching gift if we raise $50,000 by August 10, 2019 for the Log House.

Brad explains the need in the following video:

The current estimate we need to finish and furnish the Log House is just about $110,000.

It’s a kairos moment

A couple days before we had a chance to publish this article, we received word from a generous couple who are longtime supporters of PRMI.

They have challenged us with a $50,000 matching gift. If we can raise $50,000 for the Log House by August 10, 2019, they will match it.

Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $50,000.

  • $10 becomes $20
  • $50 becomes $100
  • $500 becomes $1000
  • $1000 becomes $2000
  • $5000 becomes $10,000

This challenge grant was an answer to a call to prayer we invited some intercessors into last week.  We believe God is at work in this.

Pray about how you, your family, your small group, or even your church might be called to be involved. 

Then give generously before the deadline of August 10.  In this limited window, you can double your donation.

Your giving will help prayer ministry and equipping events resume at the Community of the Cross, a place where people can encounter Jesus, be equipped, and sent out in ministry.

The Details of Finishing the Log House

We believe we have received guidance from the Lord that He wants us to build the Log House with:

  • an expanded kitchen nearly double its original size.
  • 3 guest rooms to meet our present and future needs for hosting guests and teachers, and
  • an expanded meeting/dining space that can hold 80 people, designed for year-round use

In addition to this expanded construction, we are having to rebuild most of the interior of the Log House because of fire damage.

The Financial Challenge

Unfortunately, we are coming up short $110,000.  

Part of the cost over the $400,000 from insurance is because of unexpected expenses like major water issues – we are sitting on a hill side full of mountain springs! 

Your donation now through August 10, 2019 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000.  If we reach this challenge, we will almost cover the entire need.

Estimated costs to finish building the log house

(I know the numbers in the video are slightly different breakdown, these have been improved)

  • Kitchen $9,000
  • Guest Rooms $13,500
  • New Bathroom $6,500
  • Teaching/ Dining Room $34,000
  • Existing Bedroom and Bathroom $11,000
  • Great Room $17,000
  • Other Spaces $10,000
  • Appliances $10,000

If you take that $110,000 and break it down to per square foot – we need to pray in $37 a square foot.

Pray about giving a multiple of $37, or maybe your household, group or church would take on a room like the kitchen, or a project like the appliances. 

Together we can reach the goal to restore the Log House to year-round ministry at the Community of the Cross.  In this window of the $50,000 matching gift, your gift will double its reach.

Join us in praying

I believe the Lord really likes it when we ask specifically for things in the name of Jesus Christ for His kingdom work for His glory.  

These are extra gifts needed beyond what we have and will receive from insurance and what we already have received in donations.

Give thanks that the Lord is restoring what was lost and redeeming what Satan intended for evil.

Give thanks for the expanded facilities to be used for His Kingdom work.

Pray that people will be led to give generously so that we can complete each of the expansions and have them up and running for fall events.

Pray blessing for the couple that is giving this matching gift and pray that it inspires generosity in others, which is their prayer.

Pray for the restoration process so that we can meet the growing needs of the ministry and take part in fulfilling the vision of the Community of the Cross as a Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ for Prayer, Equipping and Sending.

Double the Donation Now

Until August 10, 2019, we are challenged to reach the $50,000 matching gift.  What you donate in this window of opportunity will have twice the reach.

If the Lord speaks to you about giving financially to help see this happen, you can donate online.

For stock gifts, or to process your credit card through the office, please call the office at (828) 669-7373

Checks can be mailed to PRMI, PO Box 429, Black Mountain, NC  28711

Be sure to mark your gift for the Log House!

Funds raised in excess of the matching gift challenge will be used where most needed for building projects and furnishings.

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