We have long prayed for the Lord to provide for the vision of building the Prayer House at the Community of the Cross.

On the bench that many of you have sat on to pray this building into reality, the Rev. Cindy Strickler (Director of PRMI) shares her vision of the ministry that will happen at the Prayer House. 

This spot is a place where many have already encountered Jesus Christ as they have sat to pray.

This is a wonderful presentation of Cindy’s heart for what she sees taking place at the prayer house.

She recorded this video up on the ridge at the Community of the Cross where we first thought we were going to build this prayer house, until huge obstacles forced a relocation on the site.  

As Cindy talks about the prayer chapel with all the glass, she refers to the original design of the prayer house.

The prayer rooms are incorporated in the new design (see gallery of Renderings), and the views from the prayer chapel will look towards the river that borders the Community of the Cross.

Your Next Step

We need your help to pray this vision into reality. If you feel led to give, you can give here and mark it for the prayer house. 

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