We have just completed an amazing week of seeing God work in healing and deliverance ministry here in Black Mountain.

This was our Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course directed by The Rev. Cindy Strickler. At this event we saw the love and power of Jesus Christ actually doing the work of healing and deliverance.

During this same week, work was going forward at the Community of the Cross on the Prayer Porch near the river and I have some photos.

We have had George Smith’s team in from New Hampshire and Maine, joined by Graham Hill from England to help with the construction. On the final day of the Advance Healing course, we celebrated communion under the partially shingled roof of the porch.

All this a practical example of how the Holy Spirit is growing the community of the Community of the Cross and how that in turn is supporting and enabling the work of the Gospel in multiple locations around the world.

In taking up the offering at the Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course, Mary Ellen captures this dynamic and invites us into working with the Holy Spirit.

Debrief of Deliverance at Advanced Healing Course

Debriefing a deliverance that took place at the Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course.

We saw Jesus’ love and power at work bringing inner healing and setting people free from evil spirits. Here we are praying before moving into a step by step analysis of how God was calling us to work with Him in setting people free.

Joe Schlosser on camera

Joe Schlosser came up from Atlanta to take part in the course and also to video tape it so that we can make this available on our online Dunamis School so that this teaching can be accessible worldwide.

Mentor team praying on prayer deck

Here is one of the mentor teams from the Advanced Healing course. A key part of this course is learning through practical experience with a mentor, in this case Mary Ellen Conners.

Doing our first communion at the new and not yet completed Prayer Porch. This was deeply moving for all of us.

Rev. Cindy Strickler breaking bread

The Rev. Cindy Strickler, Director of the Advanced Healing and Deliverance course breaking bread at our first celebration of the Lords supper at the almost completed Prayer Porch.

Graham and Katy Hill from the UK

Graham and Katy Hill from England are here taking the course.

We will be implementing the Advanced Healing and Deliverance Course in the UK. They are both on the leadership team for Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland.

A video report from Mary Ellen Conners. This is so good! She gives a summary of a weekend at the Community of the Cross that shows how this place is being used by God to grow this work around the world.

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