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The Life of a Prayer Intercessor: Featuring Archer Torrey

The Life of a Prayer Intercessor: Featuring Archer Torrey

Intercessory prayer came to life for me (Brad Long) through Archer Torrey and the life of prayer I experienced and ...
Carpenter with his tools, measuring and holding a pencil. Both hands in the image

Four Works of the Holy Spirit

What are the four basic works of the Holy Spirit? We grow in order to experience the full abundant life ...
Computer Headset - for leading online prayer

How to Lead Group Prayer Online

Praying as a group in an online setting is different from praying at the Church. Find out how to conduct ...

Are you called to be an intercessor?

Is God calling you as an intercessor? How do you know? And if so what do you do? A number ...
5 Ways God Answers Prayer

5 Ways God Answers Prayer

Learn 5 different ways you might see God answer your prayer, from Dunamis Project 3 ...
Jesus continues to cast out demons

Jesus continues to cast out demons

Many Christians have never experienced the reality of evil spirits because they have never entered a situation where the Holy ...
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