When it was evening, many demon-possessed people were brought to him. He drove out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick. In this way what was spoken by Isaiah the prophet was fulfilled: “He took our weaknesses and carried our diseases.” (Matthew 8:16-17 NET.)

This is one of the many summary verses that describe what Jesus was doing. We are convinced that Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, continues to offer us, his people, healing today.

This healing takes on the same forms of healing that we see in the Gospels:

  • First and foremost, Spiritual Healing – which is to reconcile us to the Father to birth us into the Kingdom of God
  • Inner Healing – the work of restoring us from the inner wounds that we all receive living in a fallen sinful world
  • Relational Healing – the restoration of relationships through forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Physical Healing – in which we start to experience our bodies being restored from the effects of the fall
  • Healing of the whole earth – which will be completed with the New Heaven and New Earth
  • Casting out of Evil Spirits – takes place at any point where they may be blocking this healing and restoring work of Jesus Christ

At the Community of the Cross we have been led by the Holy Spirit to create a context in which the Holy Spirit has told us He loves to work, to bring the reality of Jesus’ healing ministry to us.

This includes the aspects of the WALK of Prayer and the formation of intensive prayer ministry teams. But above all it includes the formation of a community committed to following Jesus Christ and allowing Him to work through us in love and power.

Group at the Healing Week, Community of the Cross

Group meeting with Sandy Doss, Leader of the Walk team, giving testimony

The first Healing Prayer Week we offered in June seemed to focus on physical healing and inner healing.

This second in October was characterized by inner healing and some amazing encounters with evil spirits that were blocking the healing process for some participants.

The “guys” at Healing Week , Community of the Cross

The “guys” pictured with Dr. Brad Long at the Healing Week, Community of the Cross

Sometimes these deliverances were peaceful and nearly unrecognizable except for the relief of seeing things leave as their ground was removed through confession and inner healing.

There was one situation where it was like the evil spirit was just zapped like a bug zapper and then gone.

In other occasions the departure of evil spirits was marked by a huge struggle and major manifestations.

For those unused to seeing the manifestations of evil spirits it was quite a worldview strengthening experience.

But more than evil spirits showing their power was the power of Jesus Christ and the power in His name.

Frank, who was the point person in what was his first major deliverance, in astonishment said, “What was more impressive was that these evil spirits had to leave as I commanded them out in the name of Jesus.”

The person who experienced this was obviously transformed! This person sent me an email the next day saying,

“… I was tired but so refreshed in my spirit. My psyche is at peace for the first real time in 52 years thanks to the deliverance I received at the healing event. Thank you Jesus!!! I cannot thank you and the team enough. I praise God for all He has done and is doing in my life and the lives of my family, and all the others who were touched by Him this past week. “

Another person said,

“You know the man in the bible who was tormented and possessed by a legion of demons? Well that was me! I had many in me for a very long time! Now I am free!!!”

We have heard many such testimonies! We give the glory to Jesus Christ who does this work!!

Getting rid of evil spirits does not instantly cure all of our problems.

Rather, blocks to the healing process are removed.

This may mean that psychotherapy or medical procedures begin to become effective.

Also, prayer ministry is no longer obstructed.

The results, however, are often amazing and all give glory to Jesus.

During this week, not only did many receive healing, but the prayer teams also learned a great deal.

The learning experience was deepened by debriefing which occurred at the end of each prayer session.

A member of the leadership team met with each prayer team for about 30 minutes to discuss what had happened during the session and to provide practical teaching.

Dinner time at Healing Week, community of the Cross

Dinner time during Healing Week at the Community of the Cross

The “ladies” during Healing Week at Community of the Cross

Ginny Good talking with other ladies during the Healing Week at Community of the Cross

If you want to grow in Jesus’ healing ministry, this is a place to start. If you want to keep growing, you would be most welcome to take part in the PRMI Dunamis Project equipping events where we systematically teach on the dynamics of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Contact us at www.prmi.org or send us a note with your questions. We are committed to Christians growing in this ministry empowered by the Holy Spirit. That is the only way we can really advance the gospel in the world.

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