He is faithful in all He does. Psalm 33:4

God is faithful. We are so grateful. As we faithfully fulfill His calling, He faithfully provides all that is required.

God has called many people to be faithful financial supporters of PRMI. We are so grateful. You are His instruments. He passes His provision through you to us.

Some PRMI constituents have not yet given in 2012. We have noticed your absence. We miss you!

Would you do us a favor? Would you go to our faithful God and ask whether now is the time for Him to pass through you the provision currently required for PRMI to carry out His calling?

We know He will speak with you. We know He will tell you the exact timing and amount of your gift to PRMI. (Also, our God is a faithful communicator!)

As I have written many times, PRMI’s reach through the Dunamis Institute (DI) is ever-expanding.

The volume of opportunity the Lord provides is great so we are very challenged to keep up with the good work He has begun and calls us to do. We praise Him for how He expands PRMI’s reach geographically and in scope.

Much of the expansion has to do with the launch of the Dunamis Institute. We are grateful the Lord gave PRMI the DI as the vessel to accomplish His will at this time. This year we estimate that over 4,200 lives will be impacted by attending an on-site or online event. On-site we plan to serve in 17 countries.

As you know, we do not charge fees to cover PRMI’s ongoing ministry expenses. The financing of this kingdom work comes from faithful donors.

Again, we miss you. Is now the time to give again?

Gifts of all sizes are vital. Please consider taking action. What amount is God directing you to give now? You may give online. Please click HERE. Also, you may mail a check, made out to PRMI, to Suzi Gibbs at PRMI, P.O. Box 429, Black Mountain, NC 28711. To donate over the phone, call Suzi at (828) 669-7373.

All praises and glory to our faithful God!

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