How does our worldview influence what we believe God can do?

How do we move towards a Biblical worldview?

Pastor Josh Modrzynski recorded this brief video on worldview as part of the advance preparation before the Empowered Families Dunamis Project that began in the Summer of 2018 at the Community of the Cross.

After a few greetings to the group that will be attending that inaugural Family Gateways to Empowerment Dunamis Project, he plunges to a great synopsis of world view.

What is a worldview?

Everyone has a worldview.  Your worldview is based on knowledge, experiences, family upbringing, even the place in the world that you live.

Your answer will be different, based on where you were raised, or where you now live.

  • What is your favorite comfort food?
  • How do you handle conflict?
  • What are the roles of adults and children in society?

These are small examples of worldview influenced by how we grew up.

Our worldview is probably the greatest influencer of what we will believe to be TRUTH.

Is there a singular actual truth?  The Biblical witness is, “YES, there is!”

In talking about the activity of God, it’s not our theology (What we believe God can do) that hinders us, but our worldview or philosophy of God (What we believe He will do).

Worldview as Philosophy

In talking about using historical inquiry for proving miracles, C.S. Lewis says this:

“Many people think one can decide whether a miracle occurred in the past by examining the evidence according to the ordinary rules of historical inquiry.  But the ordinary rules cannot be worked until we have decided whether miracles are possible, and if so, how probable they are.  For if they are impossible, then no amount of historical evidence will convince us.  The result of our historical inquiries thus depends on the philosophical views that we have been holding before we even began to look at the evidence.”

We can believe theologically that God can work through the Holy Spirit, but if we’re not really open to see Him doing it, we won’t even ask.

Final Challenge

What are some places that you want God to expand your worldview?

Be asking God what he wants for you Take the risk and be expectant of the good work He plans to do.

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