Let’s take a look at the book of Acts after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and see what happens.

Do the disciples stay in the house where they were, sitting around enjoying their spiritual gifts or perhaps comparing to see who got the most dramatic gifts or who had the most wonderful religious experience?


They had no time!

Immediately they had to go to work doing what Jesus had called them to do, which was witnessing to Him. It was only nine in the morning!

They had a full day’s work to do!

The following is a 4:30 m video from Dr. Brad Long on this topic.

A video clip from the Rev. Dr. Zeb Bradford Long, “After Pentecost then what?”

Peter had to stand with the rest of the eleven and preach a sermon explaining the meaning of what had happened.

This was a sermon so empowered by the Holy Spirit that three thousand people were born again that day and were added to the fellowship.

So everyone had to get on with the work of discipling the new believers and growing themselves as a fellowship.

There has been a dramatic change.

They are now learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and moving in gifts and power.

The rest of the book of Acts is the story of what happened next – after Pentecost.

Ask and then Obey

The lesson learned for all of us called to follow Jesus is this:

We must ask for the empowering of the Holy Spirit, receive in faith, but then we need to step out in obedience.

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We need to step out as we are called and it is in the obedience of the stepping out that we experience the Holy Spirit’s power, gifts and guidance.

If the first disciples had simply stayed in the room where they were – which no doubt had been made wonderful by the presence of God, like a mountain of transfiguration, they would not have experienced the continued working of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel would not have gone forth to the ends of the earth.

The same must be for us.

We pray, “Come Holy Spirit! Fill me! Shape me! Mold me!”

And such a prayer may have been followed by amazing religious experiences such as speaking in tongues, prophetic vision, exalted worship, joy beyond measure, astonishing fellowship with Jesus and those others caught up with you in that glorious fellowship.

But then we are called to move on to the work of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in fulfilling the Great Commission.

How that will come for you will depend on what you are called to do and where you are called.

For some it will be in their homes with their family. For others it will be in the pulpit or in the class room.

It does not matter where, just go! And trust that as Jesus has called you He will continue to allow the Holy Spirit to fall upon you and give you all the power and gifts as well as guidance you need to do His work!

All of this is extraordinarily exciting and you will be called to another whole level of engagement with God. This is wonderful!

Be aware of consequences

But you can also count on opposition and difficulty in the process.

Remember what happened to Jesus after the Holy Spirit fell upon him? He was driven into the wilderness and tempted by Satan for 40 days.

Do you remember what happened after Pentecost? There was great fruit but persecution was soon to follow.

So stick to the community, stay steadfast in the Word of God, do not stray from a firm constant focus on Jesus and Him alone, and trust the empowering and guidance of the Holy Spirit who will see you past these assaults.

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