Without our kitchen volunteers, events at the Community of the Cross would look very different.

PRMI’s commitment to hospitality and to building community at events through shared meals depends on the service of these members of our ministry family.

Our volunteers are thrilled to have a modern and updated kitchen to prepare, cook, and serve meals to people who attend events at the 

A Place of Encounter

The Community of the Cross is a place of encounter with Jesus Christ. Each year, it hosts:

  • One Dunamis Track
  • Healing Week
  • Mountain Top Equipping Camps for Intercessors
  • Exousia
  • Upward Challenge
  • With the Wind
  • Prayer Groups
  • Prayer Ministry Appointments
  • Board Meetings for PRMI

At other times it has hosted Mission Conferences, Family Conferences, and (starting in the Summer of 2018) the beginnings of a family Dunamis Track.

Every event pushed the old kitchen to its limits.

Volunteers would do their best with what resources were available.

What was the Old Kitchen Like?

Upward Challenge 2016 Campers in the CoC kitchen pre-renovations
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Upward Challenge 2016 Campers in the CoC kitchen pre-renovations

Danielle King:

The old kitchen was usable, but definitely not optimal. The countertops were uneven due to warping and we sometimes had electrical issues because of using so many plugged in appliances at once.

For example, we had to put the microwave in the living room under one of the staircases, both to save space and so that we could spread out the electrical usage.

We were thankful to have a full kitchen, but there was definitely room for improvement.”

What is the Kitchen Like Now?

Robyn Ayars:

Certainly I’m grateful to Suzi and her talented husband for providing us with such an efficient space and top notch equipment to use for cooking. To anyone considering serving as cook: you will be blessed!”

The renovated kitchen at the Community of the Cross
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The renovated kitchen at the Community of the Cross

Nancy Brouthers:

‘The kitchen is the Heart of the home.’ The old adage is probably true no matter how small the kitchen or large the family.

At the Community of the Cross, ‘family’ is the global community of Christ!

Several years ago my husband and I experienced the joys and challenges of cooking for 70+ Community of the Cross family members during a Dunamis track in the old kitchen.

And it was really old. And, shall we say, ‘cozy.’

And, truth be told, we expended a lot of time and energy ‘making do’ in myriad ways, equally laughable and frustrating.

We loved it because we loved serving the Family in that way and in that season of our lives.

But… double HOORAY! for the kitchen renovations which have truly expanded the heart of the Community of the Cross home!!

The new cabinetry and countertops in the kitchen – and now also in the main room – are beautiful, convenient, sturdy, and can be multi-functional according to different group needs.

I have no doubt there will now be MORE laughter and LESS frustration for the volunteer family members serving in the new kitchen!”

Watch as kitchen volunteer Ron Sharpe, from Canada, gives a tour of the renovated kitchen and some of its features!

Thank You to Darryl Gibbs

Thank you to Darryl Gibbs, who did most of the work to rip out the old stuff, fix the wiring, and install the new cabinets, new counters, and the super high speed dishwasher.

We are so blessed to have such a competent and faithful servant in Darryl.

He put so much of himself in this project and went well beyond what he was paid for in order to make it beautiful and functional.

When you thank Jesus for this wonderful kitchen, offer up a prayer for Darryl, the artist who put it together.

Darryl Gibbs installing new cabinetry
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Darryl Gibbs installing new cabinetry

Your Next Step

Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers! PRMI couldn’t host events at the Community of the Cross without you.

If you’re feeling inspired by the service of these PRMI family members, please prayerfully consider volunteering in this blessing of a kitchen.

To learn more or to volunteer, please contact the PRMI office manager, at prmi@prmi.org.

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