Dr. Zeb Bradford Long, with Sheila Thomson share the vision of renewal fire falling on the churches of Canada.

A vision from the Holy Spirit is not so much a prediction of the future, but the invitation to pray in God’s future.

The Vision of Fire Falling on Churches in Canada

I was just in Guelph, Ontario attending the Dunamis Fellowship Canada Board meeting and Annual Meeting of the DFC.

PRMI’s work in Canada includes those from the Christian Reformed tradition, with many of the older folks from the Netherlands. Others are from the Presbyterian steam with roots in England and Scotland. The Holy Spirit is wonderfully moving, bringing renewal to congregations resulting in empowered witness and outreach.

Over the years the Holy Spirit has been giving visions of fire falling on the congregations in Canada. This has been seen as fires of repentance, re-commitment and empowerment for effective witness to Jesus Christ. Historically, while there have been moves of the Holy Spirit bringing blessing in particular congregations in Canada there has not been a general move of the Holy Spirit sweeping through the whole nation.

Yet individuals continue to receive visions of fire falling on Canada. These visions are given to us by God to move us to pray in a great transforming wave of the Holy Spirit into this nation. These are invitations join with the Holy Spirit to pray in the revival. PRMI is committed to doing all we can to see this happen.

For more information on what is going on in Canada, please visit the Dunamis Fellowship Canada website.

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