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Are we really in some kind of spiritual warfare?

Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:12 that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  What is he talking about, and what else does the Bible reveal about our role and God's role in the struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil?

When we engage in the work of kingdom advancement for the glory of Jesus Christ, we are in direct conflict with the work and agenda of the kingdom of Satan.  Subsequently, we will inevitably come across spiritual opposition, whether subtle or direct. If we are to see the “captives set free,” if we are to remain obedient to the work of Christ, and if we are to have a deeper and more faithful walk with our Lord and Savior, then we must know how to rely on his authority and power when confronted with the reality of evil.

This fifth Dunamis Project addresses the reality of the demonic realm, personal deliverance ministry, the discernment process, the importance and effectiveness of the armor of God as outlined in Ephesians 6, spiritual warfare, and kingdom advancement.

Some of the topics covered include

  • Introduction to Spiritual Warfare
  • The Believer's Preparation for Spiritual Warfare
  • Personal Spiritual Warfare: The Battle Without
  • Personal Spiritual Warfare: The Battle Within
  • Kingdom Advance, Setting Captives Free, Understanding the Role of Spiritual Warfare

Please consider joining us to learn more about this important topic so that you can be effectively equipped to come against the schemes of the evil one on both a personal and corporate level.

If you are moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and seeking to advance the kingdom of God then you will inevitably come across spiritual opposition, whether it is subtle or direct.  This course will give systematic teaching and experience of what that is and how to deal with it.

Date and Time

April 18-22, 2018

Checkin will begin from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, dinner is at 5:30 pm and the 1st session begins at 7:00 pm.

The event ends with lunch on Sunday, April 22.


PRMI's Community of the Cross
3237 North Fork Left Fork Road
Black Mountain, NC 28711 


Lodging Options

There are several hotels in the area.  You are expected to make your own reservations.  Please call the office if you need hotel suggestions.


There is no registration fee to attend this event.


All events organized by PRMI are offering based.  During your event, you'll be invited to share in the vision of PRMI and give an offering towards the ministry to advance our mission of equipping people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  Pray about how to participate long before you arrive.


Rev. Dr. Brad Long

Brad Long
Rev. Dr. Brad Long is the creator of the Dunamis Project and has been Executive Director of PRMI since January 1990, leaving Taiwan where he was Executive Director of the Presbyterian Lay Training Center where hundreds of people were baptized in the Holy Spirit.  

In 1991, Brad organized the first Dunamis Project in Lake George NY.  From there, the Dunamis Project has equipped thousands of believers around the world.  Brad has written and co-authored many books, including Receiving the Power, Collapse of the Brass Heaven, A Prayer Strategy for Victory, and Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Cindy Strickler

Cindy Strickler
Rev. Cindy Strickler’s first PRMI event was the very first Dunamis Project which was offered in Lake George, NY in 1991.  At the Lake George Dunamis Project, she baptized with the Holy Spirit and a whole new adventure in walking with the Lord began, where she learned how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, a journey that continues to the present day. 

She has served as President of the Board of Directors for PRMI, and joined the staff in 2002.  She now serves as Director, Head of Staff, Director of the Dunamis Fellowship, and the Dean of Faculty for the Dunamis Institute.  Cindy has written and co-authored Let Jesus Heal Your Inner Wounds, and Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit.  She is the director of the Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance.


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Gateways Makeup

Gateways is Dunamis 101. If you have not attended Dunamis Project 1: Gateways to Empowered Ministry, you are invited to take this additional course during the event. It will introduce you to our basic concepts on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, who is the Holy Spirit, what does the Holy Spirit do, and how you can be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is optional, but highly recommended. If you attend, you'll get the complete manual. Please check the box if you plan to attend. This course will run during the event and you'll not miss any of the teaching sessions for Dunamis Project 5.


For specific questions about this event, please talk with the Event Director, Frank Lowe, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Suzi Gibbs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will be happy to answer specific questions about this event that you may have prior to registration. 

Event Properties

Event Date 04-18-2018 4:00 pm
Event End Date 04-22-2018 5:00 pm
Registration Start Date 11-10-2017
Available place 65
Cut off date 03-14-2018
Community of the Cross
3227 N Fork Left Fork, Black Mountain, NC 28711, USA
Community of the Cross
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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