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Dunamis Project 1 Gateways Basking Ridge NJ 2018Do you desire to be effective in ministry, but have come to the end of your strength? Do you work to spread the Gospel, but just see a culture that opposes it? Didn’t Jesus’ disciples deal with these same challenges? How did they do it?

We know that it begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ. But, what about the power and work of his Holy Spirit?

In the first of six Dunamis Projects, Gateways to Empowered Ministry looks at a Scriptural view of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

By the end of the first Dunamis Project you will have a sound, Biblically-based knowledge of

  • who the Holy Spirit is and
  • what the role of the Holy Spirit is today.
  • what it means to be filled with the Spirit.

Comments from recent participants:

  • The teaching on the Holy Spirit ‘within’ and ‘upon’ was the best I have heard.
  • Wonderful pulling together of Biblical instruction about the Holy Spirit.
  • What was most helpful? The teaching, the prayer, the atmosphere of community.
  • You’ve given me a biblical grid to understand my experience of Holy Spirit.

You’ll cover topics like:

  • Worldview
  • The Holy Spirit and the Trinity
  • The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
  • Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • The Four Basic Works of the Holy Spirit
  • The Infilling With the Holy Spirit
  • The Nature and Experience of the Holy Spirit’s Power
  • Receiving and Growing in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Whether you have reached a place in your Christian faith or ministry where it feels like you are trying to do too much on your own, or you are simply curious or skeptical about the nature and work of the Holy Spirit for today, this conference is a fantastic way to begin your journey in cooperating with the work of God.

Date and Time

April 4 - 8, 2018

Checkin will begin at 3:30pm on April 4, first meal will be set by the conference center, and we will finish with lunch on April 8, 2018.


Christian Retreat Center and Conference Facilities
3575 Valley Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, USA


The Conference Center has rooms available.  Prices include meals during our event.

  • Double with shared bath down the hall $335
  • Single with shared bath down the hall $418
  • Commuters choose meals you will have
    Lunch $11.35
    Dinner $14.50
    Breakfast is not available to commuters


All events organized by PRMI are offering based.  Registration fees cover only the conference center costs for room and board. During your event, you'll be invited to share in the vision of PRMI and give an offering towards the ministry to advance our mission of equipping people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.  Pray about how to participate long before you arrive.


Rev. Trevor Payton

Trevor Peyton
Rev. Trevor has been ordained as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Christian Reformed Church since 2006, serving churches in Ontario and New Jersey.  He thoroughly enjoys any opportunity to serve as a Dunamis Project Teacher, because this material has renewed and reshaped his own life so powerfully.

Joanne Turner

Joanne Turner
Joanne Turner taught through the Dunamis material in her home church, and then both attended then taught the Advanced Healing and Deliverance course at Black Mountain. She wants to see individual, community and institutional improvement markers of health and wholeness transformation. 

She is a neuroscience nurse practitioner and co-founder of the PrayForNewark project and the non-profit ministry The Caring Network, Volunteer Services.

Rev. David deForest

David deForest
Rev. David deForest is our NJ Dunamis track leader. He has served as a pastor in the Reformed Church in America since 1993 with his wife Chie. They live in Tinton Falls NJ.

David has been involved in various Dunamis Tracks in various capacities including teaching, worship leading and hospitality coordinating. His passion is to see others experience the joy and freedom of serving Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Bill Kelly

Bill Kelley
Rev. Bill Kelly is a graduate of Duke University and Columbia Theological Seminary. He committed his life to the Lord and was called into the ministry the summer after he graduated from college.

The Kelly’s have served pastorates in South Carolina and Florida, and now are in Pennsylvania. They enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and appreciate the different seasons of the year.


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Event Properties

Event Date 04-04-2018 3:00 pm
Event End Date 04-08-2018 2:00 pm
Registration Start Date 01-01-2018
Cut off date 04-04-2018 2:00 pm
Fellowship Deaconry
3575 Valley Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, USA
Fellowship Deaconry
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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