When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed the world, has ever seen. -Smith Wigglesworth, 1947

This prophetic word from Smith Wigglesworth in 1947 underlines the significant value of our Dunamis Project teaching. As we combine the foundation of a thorough, well-grounded biblical theology of the Holy Spirit with the practical reality of being empowered by the Holy Spirit and learning to operate in step with Him, we are setting the stage for this prophesied great move of the Holy Spirit.

Our Dunamis Institute Teachers and Apprentice Teachers, therefore, have a vitally important role to play. Equipping them for this work is crucial.

Martin Boardman receives prayer before teaching on Spiritual Warfare.

Equipping the Teachers to Teach

For this reason, we held a prototype event in February that was designed to give people insights into the progression, rationale, and essential teaching points for three of the Dunamis Project topics; The Power of Prayer, Jesus’ Healing Ministry, and Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement.

Twelve participants gathered at the Community of the Cross, together with seasoned Teachers who shared their insights and advice born out of decades of experience.

We spent two days engaging with each topic, and in their feedback, the participants described the event as “inspired”, said they were “impressed with the depth of material” and appreciated “having the material taught by people who …truly understand it and see the big picture.”

For the event leaders, it was a joy to work alongside others who understand and embody the teamwork and the openness to Kairos moments which are such a key part of our ‘pattern language’ – our spiritual DNA.

We each brought our distinctive styles of teaching, our use (or avoidance!) of PowerPoint, and the lessons that we have learned over the years of delivering this life-changing, Kingdom-advancing teaching which is the Dunamis Project.

More than just ‘Good Teaching’

Mary Ellen Conners and Martin Boardman were the main teachers sharing their insights for Dunamis Project #3, The Power of Prayer.

Reflecting on the whole event, she said,

What struck me was the learning curve for those of us that were teaching the teachers, and how nervous we were beforehand. It reminded me of the beginnings of Exousia: it was another step up and felt significant for the ministry.

We’ve learned so much from experience and now we are saying, ‘this is the content’ and asking, ‘how do we need to communicate that to the next generation?’ Working out how to put that in a meaningful way for them was challenging and exciting.

The teaching for Dunamis Project #4 Jesus’ Healing Ministry was covered by Pauline Eyles, Brad Long, and Cindy Strickler, while Martin Boardman, Pauline Eyles, and Brad Long addressed the teaching for Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement.

Brad Long highlighted,

It was not just great content that got transferred, but people experienced and were incorporated into this move of the Holy Spirit. There was a sharing of anointing going on in which they truly did experience the Holy Spirit at work. The Spirit fell and there was ministry going on. One of the most interesting things to me was that one of the participants thanked me for the model of stepping back, not laying hands on people, but sharing the mantle of leadership.

This is something that can only take place in those contexts where the Holy Spirit is moving, and they experience it. It is more than just good teaching. It’s more than just mastering their content. It is all that, but it is also the Holy Spirit falling and incorporating them into what we pray that the Lord will be doing through them.

One of Cindy’s roles is serving as the Dunamis Institute’s Dean of Faculty, and she spoke enthusiastically about the impact of this teacher training concept,

It gives me hope and excitement about the future of our Teachers. I think the approach that we’re taking is the right one in terms of really developing master teachers for the different topic areas, and I think that’s a significant move for us as a ministry.

Cindy Strickler leads group in a prayer exercise.

We thank God for the wonderful work that He did for this group.

Our hope and prayer are that the Lord will work through these teachers, anointing them to pass on to others the biblical and practical understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work- a coming together of Word and Spirit which feeds into the coming mighty move of the Holy Spirit that will revive the world for the glory of Jesus Christ!

The Dunamis Institute

The purpose of the Dunamis Institute is to preserve the legacy of teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit as embodied in the Dunamis Project and to impart this teaching to the world church and future generations of leaders.

This is accomplished, in part, by overseeing and providing training for Teachers and Leaders and authorizing those who are taking part in the delivery of PRMI’s materials.

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