In 2011, PRMI plans to hold events in Haiti, UK, Congo, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, Korea, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and the USA engaging nearly 4,500 people. There will be more than 25 Dunamis projects and Ignite events in the US alone. Offering Upward Challenge for our youth, in Alaska, at the CoC and in the UK. Still we believe this is a far cry from where God wants PRMI to be. We trust that the Lord is eager to expand the reach of the ministry. Eagerly, we seek to submit to the Lord’s rule and plan as directed by the Holy Spirit.

As we know, most everyone in the world needs to hear the message regarding the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The opportunity is nearly endless. We have so far to go. Often we struggle uphill to add events. There are many reasons why growth has been limited. One of the factors is financial resources. We have the gifted people but it takes organization to deploy them! And that takes money!

We are so grateful for the generous financial investment of many PRMI donors. Through financial giving, you are enabling the empowerment and transformation of believers. You know that. You have had this firsthand experience.

While we pray for God’s plentiful provision and praise and adore Him for His favor, there is more that needs to be accomplished. We need to press forward in organizing to execute kingdom advancement for the benefit of present and future generations. And, we need to deliver more and more Dunamis projects and other teachings focused on the Spirit.

We have the gift of faith from Jesus Christ so that we may receive all the He desires to provide. And, we have the gift of asking faithful PRMI constituents, like you, to invest in the future of PRMI. Especially now, as we launch the Dunamis Institute and seek to strengthen the Dunamis Fellowship International, your generous gift is vital to PRMI’s success.

Especially for those who have not recently given, please prayerfully consider contributing a special financial donation at this time. Your investment will reap a great dividend. Feel free to phone the office (828) 669-7373 if you need assistance . For those who like to give online, you may do so at Thank you and God bless you for investing in His kingdom-advancing work of bringing the teaching on the Holy Spirit worldwide. – Gary Wybenga

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