On Sunday May 17 I received this encouraging note from Paul Stokes, of the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland:

“God is good!  After finishing the Evangelism Dunamis last weekend, we saw some of the fruit of it this morning.

The Holy Spirit was working in the life of one young lady (18yrs).

I spoke about the Spirit’s power from Acts 1:8 and Acts 2:38-39, and when we reached the final hymn (“In Christ alone my hope is found”) she was not able to stand, but was clearly in prayer/thought.

What happened next is the fruit of Dunamis training.

Immediately after the service one of our elders, Michelle, was able to share the gospel clearly with her, and led her to faith there and then.

Michelle is one of the two I mentioned in my report on about being anointed for evangelism, and was at Dunamis last week.

8 days later she had the chance to do for real what we had been learning about at Dunamis.

It was wonderful to watch and Michelle herself now knows the joy of being a spiritual midwife. I’m really happy for her and, of course, for the young lady who came to faith.

Michelle’s daughter, Samantha, is coming to Upward Challenge this year together with my daughter Nicola. I hope you have a great day. It’s been a wonderful day for me already

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