The work of prayer takes place through the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit who is the director of the global prayer movement which is advancing the kingdom of God.   The cost of His leadership has been covered fully on the Cross.

There are hundreds of people within PRMI whom the Lord has called, anointed, is equipping and connecting together for this work.

For many this prayer work is a costly investment of time, and in some cases finances, as they seek to grow in this work and take part in special equipping events and initiatives.

There is also the sacrifice they make as they step into prayer engagements which may also involve high level spiritual warfare and intercession.

I just want to call your attention to the reality that this personal cost of prayer work is huge, but incalculable and fully known only to Jesus.

The cost of this for each of us involved is also covered on the Cross! This often takes a physical and emotional toll on us as it involves demonic counter attacks against us and our families and sometimes sleepless nights of Jacob like wrestling with God. And we are sustained through the Holy Spirit as well as through loving and supporting each other.

We need to continue to pray for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  We also need to continue to provide a prayer shield for those doing this work of prayer that is strategic to the Kingdom of God.  Satan knows how important this prayer work is and is relentlessly working to disrupt it. 

There is also a financial cost for supporting those who are cooperating with the Holy Spirit and doing this prayer work.  The PRMI Leadership Team and staff are working behind the scenes to enable communications and administration, as well as the equipping and deployment of those being called into this global prayer work.

Average monthly costs are as follows:

PRMI Prayer Initiative Monthly Costs

 Wages/Benefits of 4 within the Prayer Initiative11,500
Monthly communication costs    500
Event Travel Expense         3000
Total Monthly Prayer Initiative Costs     15,000

Intercessors are not abstractions!   We are real people! Here we are doing the work of prayer.

The Jerusalem Prayer Endeavor Team praying in February for a couple who made aliya to Israel

Equipping a Cohort of Intercessors in the United Kingdom in March

Please pray for what is needed to cover all this to come in.  Is the Lord calling any of you intercessors to make it a special project to pray in those funds?   And if you are called as an intercessor to give yourselves that would be wonderful.  You can give online right here or go to

As Jonathan Edwards noted…

“It is God’s will through His wonderful grace, that the prayers of His saints should be one of the great principal means of carrying on the designs of Christ’s kingdom in the world.”

When we pray as led by the Holy Spirit, the Father’s designs of Christ’s kingdom advance.  And this is happening.  We are experiencing the results of this work of prayer. Doors are opening to PRMI/DFI on multiple fronts.   And the impact upon both congregations as well as individuals being sustained in their walk with Jesus Christ and being filled with the Holy Spirit to take their place in this extraordinary work of advancing the Kingdom of God to the Ends of the Earth.

A lot of people who see the strategic importance of intercession for the Kingdom of God of this work of prayer just do not realize that it takes financial gifts and the behind the scenes administrative work to support it.

So please share with those you know the vision of this critical work and the need for financial gifts.

Thank you!!

Brad Long and Martin Boardman

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