Dr. Struble is the former president of Montreat College.

His speech provides excellent discernment about the challenge facing the advancement of the Gospel by Higher Education in the Western World that has in many places has defected from their own Christian roots.

This is a call to pray for those Colleges and Universities in America Canada and Great Britain that have been faithful to their Christian foundations. It is also a call to engage in the spiritual warfare, intercession and action needed to retake ground yielded to Satan.

View Dan Struble’s Speech:

26:13 min video of Dr. Dan Struble at the PRMI Dunamis Fellowship International leaders meeting in Black Mountain in January speaking on “Education, To What End?“.

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Entitled “Education to What End?” given at the PRMI Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Meeting in Black Mountain NC, January 2010.

Reflections by Brad Long – On the Crisis of Education.

In the Kingdom of God and the challenge of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, over the last hundred years there has taken place treason of the highest order.

Educational Institutions, Hospitals and even some mainline US, British and Canadian denominations, all founded on Christian foundations with a Biblical Worldview, have abandoned those foundations and adopted a worldview hostile to Jesus Christ.

Among the guilty are the educational Institutions that were build with the financial gifts, labor, and sacrifice of Christians for the purpose of advancing the Cause of Christ for future generations. Many have most insidiously left their founding visions and become citadels of “progressive” ideals from which there is a relentless assault against:

  1. Faith in Jesus as the Way the Truth and the Life and the only way to God the Father,
  2. A Biblical Worldview, and
  3. Christian morality and values.

Now discerning this situation and seeking clear guidance as to how the Holy Spirit would call us to counter it with Kingdom work takes wisdom as well as understanding. It also requires a good grasp of history and philosophy to see clearly the roots of the crisis as well as its devastating consequences for the Kingdom of God on earth.

To help us in this discernment, I have included above a speech given by Dr. Dan Struble, the President of Montreat College at our Dunamis Fellowship International Annual meeting in Black Mountain in January 2010.

Montreat College, located a few miles from PRMI’s Community of the Cross, is one of the few Christ centered colleges that at the time of this writing has not capitulated to the non biblical, progressive or liberal worldview that is infecting and undermining Western culture.

This speech provides clear discernment as well as a call to action.

Dr. Struble gives us all the challenge to stay the course we are on of faithfulness to Jesus Christ. He also clearly shows the need for the movement of God that is embodied in PRMI and the Dunamis Fellowship. From this speech it is clear also that we must focus our prayers and attention on education as one of the primary fronts in pushing back evil and witnessing to the truth Jesus.

Dan is a Commander in the Navy and a man anointed by the Holy Spirit for his sphere of activity which is to provide visionary leadership and skilled administration for Montreat College. After he gave this talk, Dan welcomed us to pray for him and for Montreat College.

Where do we go from here? How are we called to pray?

  1. Those colleges that are being faithful to their founding Christian vision, with their faculty and administration need our prayers and support.
  2. Many such schools are struggling financially and thus offering financial support is often greatly needed.
  3. Sending them students from our churches and fellowships is a really good way to help too.
  4. Some of us may be led by the Holy Spirit to engage in high level spiritual warfare and intercession to push back the strongholds of deception that have taken root in so many of our academic institutions.
  5. Praying that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into the field – in this case the academic world and university world. And then be ready to go ourselves as the Holy Spirit should call us.

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