As Joshua led the children of Israel into the promised land he gave orders for the people to follow the ark of the covenant because “we have never been this way before” (Joshua 3:3-4).

It was with this same sense of the unknown that representatives from 18 nations gathered just outside of Jerusalem for the Tikkun Alignment Roundtable consultation.

This was the first event of its kind and it took place at what turned out to be a very strategic time.

The conference took place during

  • the 70th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel,
  • the opening of the US embassy which has been relocated to Jerusalem, and
  • the clashes between Hezbollah and the Israel Defense Force in the Gaza Strip.
  • the week leading up to Pentecost (Shau’vot), when we remember the pouring out of the Holy Spirit.

We were invited to the Alignment Roundtable

The Roundtable consultation centered around the theme of Alignment, the subject of Asher Intrader’s recent book by the same name.  This functioned as a backdrop to the discussions and conversations.

Asher, along with others from Revive Israel and Tikkun International, were the hosts of the conference.  Each ministry that attended received a specific and personal invitation.

The connections and friendships which we have been making as PRMI during the past few years through the Jerusalem Prayer Endeavour afforded PRMI a seat at the table.

Brad Long was the main representative with Martin Boardman joining him. Peter and Pauline Eyles from the UK joined us as intercessors.

What God stirred in our hearts at the Alignment Roundtable

The purpose of the gathering was to join in unity and align together for the advancement of God’s kingdom plans and purposes.

As we gathered and waited on the Lord together, the Holy Spirit moved us into kairos moments of representative reconciliation and declaration.

1. Believers from Arab background

Those who came to the event from an Arab background powerfully declared that it is God’s decision to whom he gives the land of Israel.

It’s not a decision that can be dictated by mankind.

If the land has been given to the Jews, it has been given to the Jews and we as Arabs need to simply accept God’s decision. This was a significant declaration made in a kairos moment.

2.  Believers from a Messianic Jewish background.

The next day we stepped into another kairos moment.  As one of the Arab representatives explained how, according to the law, Ishmael was legally Sarah’s son, whom she rejected.

This led to a time of repentance by the Messianic Jews for the rejection of Hagar and Ishmael by Sarah.

Out of this, we moved into prayer for the descendants of Ishmael to walk into their healing and into their destiny as a big brother to Israel.

3.  Believers from a Gentile background.

This profound spiritual experience continued to have an impact upon the Gentile believers who were present at the conference.

The Father’s love for not just the Arab people, but for all Muslim people, became evident in the intercession for the descendants of Ishmael.

Out of this, the Lord brought conviction about attitudes of hostility towards Muslim people and the need to respond in love.

This led Brad to step forward in confession on behalf of the group for an attitude of hate instead of love and we sought the Lord to give all of us hearts of love for the Muslim people.

Other Karios moments and connections

The Lord moved through these kairos moments.

We also watched the Spirit work through the connections and divine appointments which took place during the conference and outside of it.

The Lord connected us with a Dutch couple who were visiting Israel on vacation. As we talked with them over breakfast we discovered that they were involved in intercession and deliverance. It was the first of several conversations which we had over the next few days. The Lord gave us new friends in the work of advancing his Kingdom.

Saturday (Shabbat) gave us the opportunity to take a taxi into Jerusalem to join in worship with one of the Messianic congregations affiliated with Revive Israel.

We were also able to visit with friends we have made in Jerusalem and at Christ Church during previous Jerusalem Prayer Endeavours.

The Feast of Sha’vuot (Pentecost) began on Saturday evening with a six-hour prayer event from downtown Jerusalem. This was live-streamed so that participants from around the world could participate.

On Sunday we had the opportunity to join the Messianic community from across Israel for a gathering at Yad Hashmona, located just 20 minutes (17 km) from Jerusalem.

Peter Eyles at Pentecost Picnic

Peter Eyles at Pentecost Picnic

There were worship teams, youth groups, children’s groups participating in various sketches while people picnicked and fellowshipped with one another.

We met people from all over the world at this gathering as we watched the body of Messiah gather together in celebration.

We kept hearing “We need your Dunamis Teaching”

It has been amazing to see how the Lord has been blessing the relationships PRMI is developing in the land of Israel.

As we continue to deepen these friendships doors are opening to connect with other ministries in Israel and around the world.

Through these connections we hear the same encouraging words again and again:

  • “you have great teaching” and
  • “we need this kind of teaching.”

One person in describing PRMI to someone else said:

“They teach on a daily lifestyle of walking with the Holy Spirit.”

There is a need for this Dunamis teaching and for people who practice a lifestyle of cooperating with the Holy Spirit daily.

The Lord continues to show us as a ministry that the teaching we offer on cooperating with the Holy Spirit is vital as the Kingdom of God continues to advance.

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As we invest and nurture these relationships the Lord is deepening our fellowship, enriching our own understanding and opening doors for future ministry opportunities to share the teaching entrusted to us in the Dunamis Project.

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