Brad Long and Cindy Strickler tell about the challenges PRMI is facing, a week and a half after the August 2018 fire at the Community of the Cross.

Then Jeanne talks about some precious memories of the back porch at the Log House at the Community of the Cross.

Jeanne shares her heart

Jeanne Kraak shares how she is processing this experience . . . as she looks at the building, she reflects on some of the very first events before the porch was even built.

Please continue to pray for wisdom, comfort and God’s guidance as we move forward.

How you can help…

1. Pray

  • Let’s start with a praise!   We asked for prayer for quick arrival of new equipment. We needed to replace the sound system and related equipment and video equipment to be used within the next few weeks. Equipment has already arrived in time for the upcoming Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance and Dunamis Project.  YAY!
  • For wisdom and discernment for those investigating the fire, from the fire department and insurance adjusters.  We have had visits from the fire investigator and a structural engineer.  They are still working on recommendations.
  • For staff who have meetings and information to gather for insurance, arrangements to make and equipment to order for upcoming events, questions to answer for all our people. We need the Holy Spirit’s empowerment to walk through all of this.  Fall events have been moved to new venues. Praise God that we were able to find places at this late date.
  • For those who are involved in making decisions about the fate of the Log House. As stated before, we are awaiting recommendations from the structural engineer working with the insurance company.

2. Share your memories of the Log House
Share your thoughts and memories of your encounters with Jesus with the rest of the Community. Leave a comment at the end of this article or email a text document to the office, or call the offfice and tell your storyl.

3. Give

We come to you with the gift of faith from Jesus, that God the Father is not only overcoming these obstacles but is going to demonstrate His grace, provision and miraculous work of advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Join us in being a part of this miracle of not just restoration but of building for an even greater future role in advancing the Kingdom of God. Take your part in making the Community of the Cross once again that place of equipping and sending to advance the Kingdom of God.

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