by Katy Hill

The journey to bring the Advanced Course on healing and deliverance (ACHD) to the UK began in October 2010 when Graham and I began the same course in the States.

Unbeknownst to us, Pauline Eyles was also attending the course with the same dream of seeing the training brought back to the UK.

Following the conclusion of the course in America it was discerned by Cindy Strickler and members of DFB&I that I should be the event director.

I approached others to come on board as members of the leadership team:

  • Vernon Payne as senior mentor;
  • Pauline Eyles as mentor;
  • Annie Lewis as intercessor team leader;
  • Karen Langford as worship leader (also working as an intercessor);
  • Graham Hill as administrator and mentor.

We met as a team to pray, discuss and plan the way forward to ensure that the course that was delivered in the UK maintained the essential DNA of the original course whilst adapting to the situation and circumstances in England.

Participants in the Advanced Course for Healing and Deliverance - UK

Participants in the Advanced Course for Healing and Deliverance – UK

We identified potential mentors and began a programme of training which included them reading through the set books; residential courses and on-line training and discussions. Of the several who started this process only Hilary Clark was in a position to start the course as our fourth mentor. Annie also began to identify a team of intercessors who provided excellent prayer cover at the events. Cathy and Brian Clarke joined the leadership team later on and gave valuable help; particularly in the areas of hospitality, technical support and with the daily Bible reflections.

The conference centre at Kings Park, Northampton, was booked for the 3 residential events and publicity was mailed to everyone on the DFB&I database. Initially responses were worryingly slow. But when we delayed the start of the course by 6 months to give more time for the mentors’ training and to coincide with a Dunamis Track completing ‘Spiritual Warfare,’ the applications began to come in. We started the course with 16 students but 2 dropped out during the year for personal reasons.

Core teaching was provided by Cindy Strickler (who supported and advised us throughout the whole process); Paul Stokes at the first event and Brad Long at the second. Other members of the team and guest teachers also added to the rich diversity of teaching and experience.

In October 2014 we celebrated the students’ graduation and commissioning. Many of them presented their projects to the group. Unfortunately, not all the students were able to complete their projects and reading by the end of the course, but these have all asked for extensions.

Following the conclusion of the ACHD there was an opportunity for students and team members to take part in a Living Waters week. Living Waters, directed by Vernon, is similar to the healing week which runs at the CoC. Everyone stayed on for this event, some to receive ministry themselves, others as members of the ministry team.

It has been a privilege to be part of the first ACHD in the UK. I have appreciated working with the team throughout the years of preparation and then the event itself. It has been a joy to see the students growing in experience and confidence; for some this has been a great personal challenge.

The question I have been asked is ‘when will the next course be?’ At this point, we do not know. The DFB&I Leadership Team will be praying for guidance about this.

Katy Hill
ACHD – UK, Event Director

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