Don’t know how or when to have a conversation about Christ?

Feel paralyzed when given the opportunity to talk about your relationship with Christ?

You don’t have to be a smooth talking evangelist.

The Online Listening Evangelism Course from the Dunamis Institute is where you can learn how to more effectively share your faith in more natural ways.

“You’ve taken the stress out of personal evangelism”
– Participant in Listening Evangelism.

Short video by The Rev. Chris Walker introducing the Listening Evangelism course.

Listening Evangelism is taught by The Rev. Chris Walker, the Rev. Susan Finck and the Rev. Dr. Brad Long

They have practiced a style of Listening Evangelism that has set them free to share their faith in a normal and natural way with great confidence in God’s working

Based on the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch from Acts 8, they will introduce you to the most amazing adventure of learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in doing His favorite work — witnessing to Jesus Christ. By learning to listen to the Holy Spirit, and to the person that He is drawing to Jesus Christ, you get to take be part of that work.

Centered around the work of Holy Spirit who leads the people to faith, you’ll learn how you can cooperate with the Holy Spirit to have calm spiritual conversations that make a deep life changing impact, without having to memorize scripts or go door to door.

This is a Ten Lesson Series that may be taken as a moderated Course on line.

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