A mission team headed by Frank Drake has just left for Indonesia!

Please pray for them. They will be there for three weeks conducting three Dunamis Equipping Events for Reformed Church leaders. They will be doing Gateways, In the Spirit’s Power and Healing.

The team is comprised of Frank Drake, Frank and Sallie Kinney, Hilary Clark and Ernie Hofmeister.

This is taking place in a small Christian section of this vast Muslim nation. The church was started there over a hundred years ago by Dutch Reformed missionaries. The team will be there during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Please pray for them according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Muslims in the United Kingdom

Prayer Covering for Bill Burgess, a member of the Dunamis Fellowship, is needed]

In the heavenlies and on the frontlines here on earth there is a major struggle going on between Islam and Christianity.

The Holy Spirit, the Director of Missions, is mobilizing witnesses to Jesus Christ as well as using teaching materials to reach to Muslims.

Rev. Bill Burgess, originally from Scotland and a member of the Dunamis Fellowship, is right on the front lines of this battle for the hearts and souls of Muslims.

And amazingly one of his tools is the Dunamis Teaching materials on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.

How God is using Dunamis and Bill, from a recent letter from Bill

“ I have been teaching the first two Dunamis courses to an Asian Christian couple.

About a month ago I gave a Bible to their 11 year old daughter (a special teenage girl’s version) along with some bible study notes.

On Sunday she picked up a copy of the Gateways course and asked if she could study it. I was thrilled, but also a bit anxious. I told her parents and asked them to help her.

When I was visiting on Tuesday, I sat down with her in the living room and we did lesson 1 together.

It was amazing; she asked lots of questions but really got a good grasp of all the key points. …..

We also noticed that the current risk level in Britain is “severe”, the second highest; the UK actively expects more Islamic terrorist attacks. A Pakistani URC minister in London was beaten up by a Muslim mob recently, incensed by his radio broadcasts in Urdu, explaining Christianity; I talked to this gentleman in London and he thought we could meet up sometime soon.

It seems that the few Christian broadcasts on satellite or radio are being strongly opposed by Muslims, while their many well-funded channels ought to exist unchallenged to promote Islam. We learnt that equal rights legislation is used to hinder free speech, because Muslims regularly use it to write in to complain that they are offended because the Christian teaching insults their Qu’ran (that is that the House of Witness, the right of Muslims to proclaim and propagate Islam is sacrosanct, but where Christian teaching contradicts the Qu’ran , it is offensive. It is also doubly offensive if the teaching is given in Urdu!)

These are interesting times in the UK and I think we can see Dunamis playing a real role in discipling the many nationalities God has sent to us (James Gray might tell you of some of his plans in this area). He has already introduced me to some Pakistani Pentecostals in London and I’ve told him that I’m hoping to use our Nigerians in Warrington to lead our next multicultural meeting at Wycliffe. I wouldn’t mind betting that the Nigerian for church means building!”


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