For some this is financially a challenging time.  Sustaining the Flame—monthly giving—is a way to make gift-giving more attainable for all.  Gifts of every size are important. All can take part in this strategic work that is impacting 1000s of people worldwide for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have been called by God the Father to take part in the mission of advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ worldwide by providing equipping in cooperating with the Holy Spirit. According to Jesus, who is calling us to join Him in this work, being filled with the Holy Spirit is the essential condition for us to effectively take part as friends and co-workers with God in building the Kingdom of God.

Starting in 1966, from our founding to the present, PRMI’s unique calling has been providing contexts worldwide where Jesus equips His people as witnesses through the Holy Spirit.

PRMI’s Sustaining the Flame Monthly Giving Program has grown to 151 people giving $15,375.

We give God the glory! The total monthly dollar amount of these gifts covers about 22% of our operating budget needs.

Because of the huge volunteer ministry team and teaching materials developed over 40 years of ministry, as well as open doors worldwide, the Sustaining the Flame program is a way to have great blessings for the Kingdom from our giving.

Every financial donation is a blessing. Gifts given on a monthly basis are especially important. They are the financial foundation for sustaining the team and organization enabling so many people engaged in ministry. This Holy Spirit-empowered ministry bears fruit well beyond what we are humanly capable of – all to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Will you join the Sustaining the Flame? Adding you as a member and a monthly donor will increase PRMI’s financial stability and our ability to offer more equipping worldwide.

It will also provide a way that fits in these, for many people, difficult financial times, to make a real difference thorough your financial gifts in advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To join, click here.

May you be blessed and may He continue to grow Sustaining the Flame for His glory!

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