There is great ministry taking place that is advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Praise God!

But the Devil is pushing back!!

As many of you already know, the Holy Spirit has called us into taking part in His project of Mobilizing, Equipping and Deploying Intercessors to overcome the demonic strongholds that are blocking the advancement of the Gospel in the world today.

I have recently put up a series of Briefings dealing with demonic strongholds and, as I mentioned yesterday, have tried to expose the inner workings of these structures that Satan is raising up in the world today. We have indeed been hit by waves of spiritual attack and it is obvious that Satan does not want to be exposed.

But apart from these attacks, I wanted to celebrate all that God is doing through the ministry of Presbyterian-Reformed Ministries International.

Our First Prayer Mountain, called the Tower Project by organizer Rev. Bernie McGale, just took place in Welland, Ontario in which a team gathered to pray into the strongholds that are blocking the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In addition to this strategic intercessory prayer work these last few weeks and in the weeks that follow there is much strategic Kingdom work taking place.

We have just finished the PRMI Spiritual Leadership equipping event at the Community of the Cross which included three Anglican Priest from Haiti, two key leaders from the UK, pastors and leaders from Canada and around the US. The Spirit was amazingly poured out up these leaders.

A team just finished a strategic teaching on the Holy Spirit in Kiev, Ukraine with leaders from Eastern Europe.

Today a team is finishing up two weeks of teaching at Jesus Abbey in Korea, equipping leaders for implementing the Dunamis Project in South Korea. These two weeks were focused on Dunamis #3 and 4, Prayer and the Healing Ministry of Jesus.

We are getting ready to move into our Healing Week at the Community of the Cross next week.

Also, we are moving toward the conclusion of our Discernment Process with meetings to pull it all together June 29-30.

A week later we will be holding Spiritual Leadership training immediately before the Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland Annual Meeting in England, where about 50 are expected to attend.

An amazing amount of ministry is taking place right now!! So it should not be a surprise that we are experiencing major push back from Satan.

The symptoms of Spiritual Warfare – I believe are as follows:

  • No sooner had I put up the Discerning the Times exposing the demonic stronghold of Liberal Progressivism and its devastating effect on the Church in North America, UK and Western Europe, then our web page supporting the intercessory prayer work went down (this means huge expense and time diverted, as well as intercessors not being able to connect beyond the opening page).
  • Members of our team have also been experiencing heightened spiritual attacks some with chest pains and other health symptoms, as well as problems in their families.
  • We have had a near cut off of financial gifts that support the general ministry and to meet the expenses of getting ready for the future. Some of this is just the summer time woes when we expect a drop in giving. Also related is the financial situation in the USA, but beyond all this it does seem that there has been a more than normal drop off in financial support.

So please pray for us!!! I know summer time is a time when we often need to take a holiday from our responsibilities and burdens – even including prayer burdens. Unfortunately Satan does not seem to take holidays! Further he seems to take advantage of us needing to rest. So please pray for everyone’s protection and provision for ministry during the summer months.

Thanks!!! We need YOU to engage with us in this work!!! Thank you!!

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