Dear Members of the DFI and prayer warriors:

Thank you so much for praying for us before the Board and DFI meeting. It really made a big difference.

It was such an encouragement to know you were praying and we appreciated the words and messages that many of you were led to send to us. Thank you! There was significant work accomplished at both meetings!

In brief:

  • The 10 year discernment and mobilization process was approved and has been launched.
  • The PRMI Board has approved moving ahead with learning how to use cyberspace to do ministry.
  • Over 100 came to the DFI meeting – including 9 pastors from Indonesia.
  • All regions of the DFI were present at the meeting – with good sized groups from Alaska, Canada and Britain.
  • About 70 attended a teacher training seminar on Jan. 20th. This was wonderful!! It was a great help in enabling us to grow in teaching that is empowered and directed by the Holy Spirit. (This training will be available online in another month for all the Fellowship and those who may be called to grow in empowered teaching.)
  • The WALK was offered throughout the DFI meeting and many were blessed to receive this ministry.

Thank you so much for praying. You will be seeing more about what was decided in the following months. Please keep praying.

Thank you
Cindy Strickler
Director, Dunamis Fellowship International

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