Strategic Intercession & Spiritual Warfare

The Advanced Course in Strategic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare is a one-year course intended to equip intercessors and prayer warriors with a foundational understanding of strategic intercession along with the ability to use the strategies and tactics of Spiritual warfare, as directed by the Holy Spirit, to overcome the strongholds of the enemy that seek to block the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

The Need for Strategic Intercession

As we prepare for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we can expect demonic counterattacks attempting to block the move of God.

Prayer is the vanguard of outpourings of the Holy Spirit, which advance God’s Kingdom. This includes praying to remove those blockages to
the Gospel that Satan has established through strongholds.

This level of engagement moves beyond personal ministry to the corporate level, focusing on the global moves of the Holy Spirit and Satan’s counter moves seeking to block God’s redemptive plans.

Purpose of this Advanced Course

The primary purpose of this new course is to prepare intercessory prayer warriors to be the vanguard of praying in the Next Great Awakening in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, equipping them to defeat Satan’s plans to hinder, divert or destroy these moves of God.

In addition, this course will provide the prayer, fellowship, and communication networks needed by those called to participate in strategic intercession led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Course Content

Participants will learn:

  • The terminology for strategic intercession and spiritual warfare
  • The believer’s authority for spiritual warfare
  • The six paradigms of God’s sovereign activity
  • Prayer Cohorts, the vanguard of strategic intercession
  • Satan’s war and master plans
  • The strategies and tactics for strategic intercession and spiritual warfare

Course Format

The foundational materials will be worked through in small groups led by mentors.
The strategies and tactics will be taught at the onsite Mountain Top Equipping Camps, which will be held at the Community of the Cross, Black Mountain, NC.

There will also be some reading required for the course.

Pre-requisites for the course:

  • Have a sense of call from the Lord to participate in this arena of intercession
  • Have participated in the PRMI Dunamis Course
  • Additional requirements may be needed for those who have not yet participated in the Dunamis Project

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