The teachings of the Dunamis Project equip people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Listen in as Peter Eyles of the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland tells his story of how his wife’s involvement in Dunamis not only led to his salvation, but to him stepping up into prayer ministry.

Since it’s creation in 1991 at the first Dunamis Project in Lake George New York, the impact of the Dunamis Project has allowed people to step into roles of ministry in local churches and beyond.

What follows in an approximate transcript for those who would rather read:

Chris: I want to say “Thank you” for the generosity in the offering last night.  I want to say “Thank you” to those of you who increased your participation in Sustaining the Flame. We, as a staff, thank you for that.

It’s not so much about the staff that you support, or that the ministry that you support, it is a life change that happens because you give generously.

So, I’d like to invite Peter Eyles to come up and briefly tell us a little bit about what has happened to him because Dunamis happened to him.

Peter, you are somebody’s husband.

Peter: Oh yeah!

Chris:  I just drew a total blank! Pauline! You are Pauline’s husband, so tell us how you found your way to Dunamis.

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Peter Eyles: Well, my story starts in 2011, and by that time, Pauline was fully immersed in Dunamis, so much so that she was doing the Advanced Healing Course.

It was the end of the Advanced Healing Course when they were going to get their certificates, and she invited me to come along with her.

I had never been to the States, so I thought it was an opportunity.

I came along with her, and she took me on a prayer walk.

She pointed out all these prayers, etc. I just read them and walked off. 

We got to the chimney (You all know the chimney, the old chimney).

She said, “I think I need to tell you what I’ve been doing,” because up until then, she hadn’t really told me what she was involved in.

Chris: Staying secret Pauline?

Peter:  That’s right. She said “Look, “I’m on this Advanced Healing Course. I just finished it.  And I have to tell you that I’m dealing with demons, okay?”

We realized that when she’d been away a couple of times, I’ve got sick. Not badly, but I’ve been sick.

She believed that that was the Enemy trying to get to her through me.

She said, “Basically you’ve got a choice. You either become a Christian to you don’t, and if you don’t, I can’t protect you.”

There was the choice. How about that choice? Out of sheer self preservation, (an amazing guy I am), but I became a Christian.

Chris: So, that’s how you became a follower of Christ.  Thank you Pauline!

Peter: Yeah, the interesting thing is, the next day, in the Log House, Brad prayed for us.

I’m standing there, and next to me was Pauline, and I was holding her hand.

Brad laid hands on me and Pauline fell over.

The Holy Spirit flowed through me.

Chris Walker and Peter Eyles sharing at the Dunamis Fellowship International.

Chris:  And since that time, you’ve got involved in Dunamis over in England.

Peter: Yes, yeah

Chris: So what is it that you’ve found in going through Dunamis?  You found faith, then what?

Peter: Yep. Well I took all the courses, tracks, etc. and then, I was involved in the first Advanced Healing Course that was set up in England.

I went through that, which allowed me, then, to start doing prayer ministry with Pauline.

The scripture that I got out of doing the Dunamis courses, was John 14:12.  That, in some ways, has been our scripture, and we want to try and do what 14:12 says.

Chris: Did you all hear the impact that this has made? Not only did he become a Christian because of the Lord with Dunamis, but now he’s doing ministry with his wife, and doing deliverance ministry at that.

Peter: And that enables us do His work as a team.  It’s freeing Pauline up, in terms of her being able to do more events. Our finances now is geared towards helping Dunamis, etc.  Prayer ministry has enabled people to be free to become participants in the kingdom.

Chris: Isn’t that just awesome?

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