Have you ever wondered how people get involved in Dunamis or how it has impacted their life and ministry?

As a regular series on here, we’ll share “Stories of Dunamis.”

These first hand stories will help you know what Dunamis is about, the blessings of attending a local Dunamis Track, and occasionally how to get more information on attending a Dunamis near you.

Read more on PRMI board member Dave McKenna’s experience with Dunamis, interviewed by Chris Walker.

Chris Walker interviews Dave McKenna


I’m here with Dave McKenna, and we’re gathering stoies about how Dunamis has affected our lives and ministries. So, Dave, I’d like you to share a little bit about your story, about how you found your way into Dunamis, and about what impact that has had on your ministry.


A Life-Changing Brochure

I found my way here because of a brochure that arrived on my desk about the Dunamis meeting in Black Mountain, North Carolina in 1996, and I attended that meeting. It was a life-changing experience for me.

Identifying, Understanding, and Overcoming Spiritual Opposition

In my business, I knew I was having spiritual opposition to some of the things that were going on and I had no answers. But when I went to the Dunamis meeting I got answers; I got to where I could understand the work that was going on, understand the strongholds that were against me, and I was able to then move forward from there and move beyond where I was.


Now, as I’ve heard some of your story before, you’re from the way Eastern part of Canada, and you drove all the way to Black Mountain, NC to attend?


Well, actually I flew to Atlanta.


Well, you flew, but still you travelled a long distance in order to come because of that curiosity as to how to deal with that spiritual oppositon. And out of that, it gave you a wonderful theological grid to help understand and then engage it?


A Life-Changing Shift in Perspective

Yes. It was life-changing. When I read the Bible I read it very differently. I had an understanding of the ministry of Jesus in a way I never had before, and everything came more into context.


Into much sharper clarity, as well?




Well, if you want to learn a little more about Dunamis Projects and find a Dunamis Project near you, visit the Dunamis Institute website and look at the events.

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