Last week I reported on Upward Challenge and why it is effective in bringing young people to faith in Jesus Christ and equipping them as disciples.

This week I want to let the young people speak for themselves, sharing how their faith in Jesus Christ was deepened and how they have grown in leadership themselves.

When we look at the situation in many churches and in our culture it is easy to get discouraged and lose hope for the future. But listen to what God is doing in these young people!!! You will see that the Holy Spirit is working to prepare for the future advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is so encouraging! The Holy Spirit is really at work among our young people growing them as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The purpose of Upward Challenge is to grow young men and women to become empowered, effective, on fire disciples of Jesus Christ. Last week there were over 30 young people and adults at the Community of the Cross experiencing Upward Challenge. Parents love sending their children to Upward Challenge because of what they learn there.

[4:30 Video Clip] Whit and Ed Trumbull tell why they have sent their three children to Upward Challenge – they meet Jesus! Then there are two really great reports by Lucy Trumbull – their daughter on how she has grown in faith and joined in the leadership. Then Benjamin McEntire gives a great report of how he has been equipped for ministry through Upward Challenge.

My role this week, as was Laura’s, was to watch our grandson so that our daughter Elizabeth could focus on leading the event. I was also very hard at work in intercession and providing the overall framework for the event to take place. It seems to me, that this needs to be our role as parents and grandparents to the younger generation who are being raised up as Jesus’ disciples.

Please consider sending your children to Upward Challenge next summer. You won’t regret it!

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