Have you ever wondered how people get involved in Dunamis or how it has impacted their life and ministry?

As a regular series on here, we’ll share “Stories of Dunamis.”

These first hand stories will help you know what Dunamis is about, the blessings of attending a local Dunamis Track, and occasionally how to get more information on attending a Dunamis Project near you.

Read more about Walter’s experience with Dunamis, interviewed by Mary Ellen Conners.

Mary Ellen: So, Walter, how has Dunamis made a difference in your life?

Walter: Well, I’ve got to start with how I got involved with Dunamis. I believe it was really a personal connection to Brad Long and Doug McMurry who both were engaged with our church in Richmond, VA.

So, I was attracted to the ministry because of their authenticity and integrity, and just my admiration for them.

I began the Dunamis series training after I first went to Khazakstan with a ministry our church is involved with over there. The Dunamis teaching provides a framework, especially for those areas I was most interested in, that is, missions and evangelism.

Sharing your faith with Muslims was something so far beyond my knowledge or comfort zone that I saw a need for more teaching and learning about depending on the Holy Spirit and being empowered for ministry with the Holy Spirit.

That provided a framework for me to understand and learn more about how the Holy Spirit works–actually, about who the Holy Spirit is, about the person and work of the Holy Spirit and how it helps you in ministry.

So, that got me hooked on it and as I’ve said several times before that’s what got me to accept PRMI ‘into my heart’. So that’s the short answer.

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