Have you ever wondered how people get involved in Dunamis or how it has impacted their life and ministry?

As a regular series on here, we’ll share “Stories of Dunamis.”

These first hand stories will help you know what Dunamis is about, the blessings of attending a local Dunamis Track, and occasionally how to get more information on attending a Dunamis near you.

Read more on Chris James’s experience with Dunamis, interviewed by Chris Walker.

Chris Walker interviews Chris James, who has come to the board meeting from England.

Chris Walker:

We’ve been sharing today about how Dunamis became part of our lives, how we found Dunamis, and what it’s done for our ministry. Chris, please share about how you came into the Dunamis family, and what that has done for your ministry.

Chris James:

Discovery Through Service

I started off with doing some publicity material for Dunamis in the UK. I have an office with good photocopying equipment and I printed out some trifold leaflets. My wife and I looked at leaflets and decided to attend Gateways, Dunamis Track 1.

Building on a Strong Foundation

We came, and what we saw and received built on what we’d been taught by wonderful mentors from various churches. But [through Dunamis] it became part of our lives because of the way the systematic teaching joined up the dots of what we’d been taught and all the theology and all the learning we’ve done throughout our lives.

Practical Application

Having joined those dots up we could then, through the laboratory and debriefing processes within the Dunamis training, put [what we’d learned] into context and into action; we could put theory into action and practice what we’d learned in a safe place.

Chris Walker:

I think what’s interesting is the way Chris described how Dunamis connected the dots for him. He mentioned the people who’d mentored and invested in him, but it was the Dunamis teaching that helped to connect all of the dots.

Your Next Step

If you’re interested in attending a Dunamis track near you, there’s a link below to a registration page that has a list of all the upcoming events. Make sure you get there so that you can grow in how you cooperate with the Holy Spirit.


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