I am thrilled to announce that Stephanie McClain has been called as the PRMI Coordinator for Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Stephanie has been convening the Young Adult Leadership Team (YLD) as a volunteer since January, 2017.

She joins the PRMI team as a part time staff member, effective Sept. 1, 2017.

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She will work directly with the Upward Challenge Directors and Administrators, to ensure that Upward Challenge has the leaders, materials and participants to run and grow successfully.

She will also direct and manage PRMI’s ministry to post high school students, which includes With the Wind (WTW) and other college campus programs.

She will be an advocate and point person for youth and young adult ministry for PRMI, which will include convening the YLD.

Hear what Stephanie says about this work:

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I am so pleased to be joining PRMI as staff!

This ministry has been so impactful on me and I look forward to what the Lord will do in and through this younger generation in expanding the Kingdom!

My call is to see healing in the Millennial (and upcoming) generation and for this generation to see and step into their identity. I have a passion for mentoring and anticipate much growth in that area in the YLD and PRMI!

This generation is unique and strong and they/we have many weaknesses as well.

We need the whole Body, we need YOU! This work takes many hands.

Our events are full of beautifully gifted leaders and we are always looking for more who feel called to join in leading, interceding, and mentoring.

I feel that the Lord is using me to be a bridge between generations and I hope to see more multi-generational ministry taking place in this area of PRMI.

One Psalm that has been continually before me this year as I’ve prayed for this ministry and generation is Psalm 145, particularly verse 4: “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.”

May we grow together in love, wisdom, and unity as we glorify the Lord together!

Young Adults are Growing

During With the Wind, Stephanie led a prayer exercise related to issues that this generation deals with.

It was a beautiful time of prayer and encounter with Jesus.

A few days after With the Wind was over, one of the attendees, Jordan Wilson repeated the prayer exercise with her seminary class.  Jordan writes:

Had a very powerful moment in class yesterday: Another student and I were asked to speak on behalf of the millennial generation about the “gap” in churches (being the only ones to represent).

In light of all that happened at With the Wind, the Spirit gave me the words to articulate it.

I talked about the overwhelming board of issues with our generation, and especially our wound with authority.

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I spoke on lament, repentance from us and the older gen., the need for spiritual fathers and mothers, and the hope of redemption.

Many people were in tears.

Needless to say, I am grateful for this ministry. Healing is taking place in the hearts of future pastors! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Please join us as we welcome Stephanie to the team!

Pray for her as she juggles a lot of responsibilities and works with a team of very gifted volunteers in North Carolina and Alaska.

Your support is needed

I want to ask if you would consider some designated financial giving to the Youth/Young Adult area of PRMI’s ministry.  Your money can go to two areas:

  1. Youth/Young Adult Coordinator.

On September 1, Stephanie McClain started as Coordinator for Youth and Young Adult work.

This is a part time position, starting at 10 hours/week.

She will attend PRMI events, connect with younger folks in our ministry through social media, and represent the youth/young adult area of ministry within our organization.

We need about $1000/month for this position – for compensation and travel to events.

To date we receive about $650/month.

  1. Bryan McManus Memorial Young Adult Travel Fund

Started in memory of one of our former Upward Challenge students, this fund provides travel funds to under-40 rising leaders to attend our key events, such as the annual Dunamis Fellowship meeting.

Many of you know this DFI event costs several hundred dollars per person in airfare, room, and board.  We want to make it possible for our young leaders to attend this annual ‘family reunion’ of our PRMI community, where vision is imparted and relationships are forged and strengthened.

This fund will also support under-40 rising leaders to serve in key leadership positions at PRMI events.

Would you give?

Susan Finck has great excitement about what God is doing through the rising generations in our PRMI family.

Will you partner with us?  We need to regularly give of our finances to help make that possible.

How to give:

I ask that you pray for the support needed to fund this position and the work of Stephanie.

Would you be willing to give perhaps $30, $50 or $100 monthly?

To give, you may either:

  1. Call the office: 828-669-7373 to make a gift over the phone, including stock gifts.
  2. Go to https://www.PRMI.org/Donate.  Choose monthly option if you wish to make this a recurring gift automatically.  Be sure to designate your gift to one of the funds above.

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