Be exalted, O God, above the heavens, and let your glory be over all the earth. Psalm 108:5

Together, as we celebrate our Risen Lord and Savior, we cannot help but recommit to spread His glory.

How can we do anything less with this Good News but work diligently to spread His fame around the world?

PRMI knows God’s call to proclaim the message of our Risen Savior and Lord and how today, through His Holy Spirit, He continues to work in this world.

We are determined to join with you in exalting the Lord Jesus.

We are driven to partner with you in establishing the context for His Holy Spirit to be known and to work. Cooperating with the Holy Spirit is the primary way we spread His glory.

In 2012, we will hold teaching events focused on the person and work of the Holy Spirit on-site and online worldwide.

This is only made possible by God’s use of you, His faithful investors in His Kingdom work. Thank you, donors, for your obedience and excelling in your financial partnership with us.

This year:

  • in the US, we have eight Dunamis tracks running—Palmer, AK; Milford, IA; Flushing, NY; Traverse City, MI; Black Mountain, NC; Grand Rapids, MI; Bellingham, WA; and Holland, MI.
  • we anticipate Ignite events in Allendale, MI; Downingtown, PA; Lower Burrell, PA; Monticello, MN; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Rochester, NY; Levittown, PA; and Zeeland, MI.
  • we currently focus Dunamis efforts in the following global locations—Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Nigeria, Haiti, South Sudan, Uganda, South Korea, UK, Canada, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic.
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Closing of a Listening Evangelism Dunamis Project in Michigan

We know God’s call to grow, which is only possible with further generous support.

We estimate that it costs $1,500 to launch a new Ignite event.

It costs $5,600 to launch a new Dunamis Project track in the US.

And, we estimate it costs approximately $10,600 to launch a Dunamis Project outside the US.

We know God’s prompting to invite you to make an investment in this growing venture.

Could it be that God wants more than eight Dunamis Project tracks onsite in the US? YES.

Could it be that God wants more than 9 Ignite events in the US? YES.

Could it be that God wants more than 11 countries outside the US to be locations for the Dunamis Project? YES.

This growth is only possible with seed gifts from you.

Would you consider sending a one-time generous seed gift to plant a new Ignite or Dunamis Project, which will serve to spread His glory?

If you know the Holy Spirit’s prompting, then click HERE or simply mail your gift to the PRMI office. Our address is P.O. Box 429, Black Mountain, NC 28711. Should you have any questions, phone Suzi at (828) 669-7373. Also, feel free to contact Gary our Director of Development at (828) 545-3520. Gary will be pleased to discuss growing the ministry with you.

As always, we are so grateful that God uses you to fulfill His purposes. May you be blessed and may His glory spread as a result of our partnership. May more and more PRMI ministry take place worldwide.

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