Pray for the team who are in Japan for the Dunamis teaching on Spiritual Warfare. Cindy Strickler, Steve Thayer, John Chang and Brad Long are joined by an excellent Japanese support team.

As the week goes on, the spiritual warfare typically increases.

Pray for protection and covering for everyone involved and that any scheme of the enemy would be brought to nothing

Brad shares about the wider impact of this trip:

Thursday, February 7 – Right now I am on the airplane on my way to Japan for the Spiritual Warfare  Dunamis Equipping Event.   As I was preparing to leave this morning, the Holy Spirit fell on me and started speaking to me about how critical this mission is for the worldwide  advancement of the Gospel.  Indeed He suddenly showed me how the nations around China, including Japan, are going to be critical for the present wave of the Holy Spirit that is raising up the Chinese Church to take the Gospel back to Jerusalem along the Silk Road, bringing the Gospel to the Muslim world along the way.  I will share more with you later about that after it has been tested ad discerned in Japan.  But it gave me great comfort to know that God really wants us there in Japan.

Pray that Jesus Christ will be exalted, that the good news of the Gospel will transform the whole of Japan and that the Holy Spirit will move in a great tsunami wave in the churches of Japan, for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

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