Thousands of Christians around the world have experienced a dynamic change in their ministry as they have learned how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit via the Dunamis Project.  They have stepped into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and found new life and joy in more effective ministry to others.

We’ve got a treasure in the Dunamis Project, and are working to make it available in Spanish.  I’ve been involved in the Spanish speaking world for PRMI since I first encountered this life changing Dunamis teaching AND had transformational encounter with God in Costa Rica in 1997.

Putting the Dunamis Project into Spanish helps pastors, leaders, and missionaries and will equip them to do their ministries as they work to see the Kingdom of God advanced.

Joshua workers now look for Moses workers

In April 2018, I joined up with a Young Life Leader and we co-taught some of the Dunamis Project material on Prayer.  These Young Life Area Directors from Costa Rica and Belize oversee ministry teams in multiple cities.

We tackled questions like:

  • How do I hear God’s voice?
  • How do I know it is God speaking?
  • Does God relent because of our prayer?

The amazing part was sharing the life changing teaching about the Moses and Joshua work of prayer.  For these evangelistic and mission minded leaders – they easily saw themselves in the role of the Joshua – the doer.

The big flash of insight is that they need intercessors to cover them and their ministry in prayer.

As the conversation progressed, the excitement about mobilizing people to pray for them took root and many committed to finding more people to intentionally pray for them as leaders.

Young Life Costa Rica Leaders

Surprise healing at Matagalpa Dunamis Project

In March 2018, we held the largest Dunamis Project to date in Matagalpa Nicaragua.  We did Dunamis Project #4: The Healing Ministry of Jesus.

This one was also perhaps the most international group as we had missionaries from Mexico, Sweden, Guatemala, Canada, United States and El Salvador, together with several pastoral families from Nicaragua.

One first time participant came with a group from a city about 2 hours away.  God decided to move in a sovereign way and startle all of us by working in this man.  As he prepared for bed, he took of his glasses and put them in a safe place.

When he work up the next morning, he discovered he no longer needed his glasses.  God restored his eyesight to normal!

We didn’t ask for healing like this.  Nor was he asking for prayer.

It was a sovereign move of God.

To this day of writing in June 2018, he still lives without a need for glasses.  (Verifiable evidence is one of the four discernment tests).

We saw additional healings that week.  As we gave testimony to God’s healing work, these pastors and missionaries stepped forward to participate with more healing ministry.

Dunamis Project 4 Nicaragua

Current news on the Spanish Mobile Dunamis Project

The work continues with the Spanish Mobile Dunamis.  Here is current news

  • Teaching videos for Dunamis Project units 1 and 2 are recorded. Currently in post -production to finalize them.  The first preview of the Spanish Mobile Dunamis was in October 2017
  • Manuals for Dunamis Project units 1-4 are translated into Spanish, but in different stages. Manuals for Units 1 and 2 are in final editing phases for spell checking, formatting, while units 3 and 4 are in first draft mode.  If you are good at document formatting in Microsoft Word, we could use your help.
  • Translation on Dunamis Project unit 5 started in the Spring of 2018 for first draft use in October.
  • Translation of Exousia manual scheduled for first draft by Fall of 2018.

Spanish Mobile Dunamis Project on healing

All materials for Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit are available in Spanish.  The book, the teaching manual, the starter slide set, and the participant workbook are all available.

Growing the Church Materials in Spanish

Ignites 1-4 have been translated and are ready for use.  If you know of a group that would like an Ignite weekend in Spanish (anywhere in the US, Canada, or Latin America), please put them in touch with us.

We can’t keep the Dunamis Project English only

I remember an encounter with the Pastor of Verbo Church in Somoto, Nicaragua, invited our Dunamis team to share some basic Dunamis Project teaching on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

He was “beyond excited” about this opportunity to grow as a pastor and to receive this biblical and practical theological training.

Our teaching is a resource that he expected to treasure.  He told me why.

About 8 years before we met, he discovered the grace of Jesus Christ.  He became a follower of Jesus, a disciple who started growing in grace.  His job often took him to the remote city of Somoto, Nicaragua, about 3.5 hours drive from the capital of Managua.

While spending time in Somoto, he shared his faith in Christ with people around him, friends whom he stayed with, and people he did life with.  Within a few months, nearly 20 teens and young adults became followers of Christ.

He asked his pastor back in Managua for advice about helping these new disciples of Christ to grow.  He was told to start a church.  With no formal theological training, Pastor formed a local congregation.  Everything he has learned about being a pastor has come from:

  • Following his own pastor as mentor,
  • The occasional Bible conference in other distant cities like Managua or Matagalpa
  • TV training on Christian television, and
  • And a smattering of other gatherings.

Pastor was “beyond excited,” because international teaching ministries rarely invest in leaders of Somoto.  They generally don’t come to this little town.  He was excited to receive solid theological training from us, since he doesn’t have regular or easy access to it in Somoto.

He was excited to host this conference because it filled a giant educational hole in his self preparation as a pastor.  He desires to pastor well, to lead his congregation in solid biblical teaching, and to make disciples of Christ.  He is excited to plan the return of Dunamis to his city when the time is right.

We can’t keep Dunamis in English.  Pastors like this one need access to our teaching and getting the Dunamis Project into Spanish is what we are working on.

Upcoming USA event with Spanish Language

Lee Street Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids Michigan has been running a Spanish/English Ignite series.  They started in March of 2017 with Ignite 1.  You can read their report here.

We would love to have you as an intercessor.  If you are in the Grand Rapids area, please connect with me ( for more information.

They will host a bi-lingual Ignite on October 26-27, 2018.

Upcoming Latin America events for Spanish Dunamis

To express your interest in prayer coverage, or going with us on a trip, please contact me at

Sept 17-22, 2018: Area Directors Retreat – Costa Rica (travel dates: Sept 16-23). 

This camp covers all upper leaders from Mexico to Panama with Young Life.  Might include some Spanish Speakers from Caribbean and South America.

We will do intercessory coverage for camp, and then spend 3-4 days walking the streets of San Jose with Young Life leaders to see what they do, how they do and the way they do.  You will be staying in multiple places and in a Young Life leader’s house in rainy season.

Being able to speak Spanish will be a requirement.

Oct 8-12, 2018: DP 5 Matagalpa, Nicaragua (travel dates: Oct 7-13)

This is the Dunamis project with pastors and church leaders.  It is also the training ground for the next team to take Dunamis to the city of Grenada in 2019.  Come and do prayer ministry, and provide intercessory cover.  Dorm style accommodations, peak of rainy season, though we’ve not been bothered by rains.

Spanish is not necessary, but helpful.

Nov 13-16, 2018: Exousia, Nicaragua (travel dates Nov 12 – 17/18/19, TBD)

Two track teams are forming in Nicaragua.  Cindy Strickler and I will be doing the training.  Intercessor coverage is needed and desired.  Tail end of rainy season.  Dormitory style accommodations.

Spanish is not necessary, but helpful.

Dec 8-14, 2018: Young Life – Nicaragua (travel dates: Dec 7- 15)

Leaders from all over Nicaragua, and perhaps additional countries will be here.

Intercessors, prayer team members are needed.

We are requested to do prayer appointments during camp with leaders who seek us out.  Translation is available for prayer.  You must arrive at the Managua airport by noon on December 8 or the day before to catch the ride at 2pm.  If you come in on the 7th, you are responsible for your first night.  You might possibly last night lodging on the 14th at the Best Western across from airport.  Camp is at a high altitude, cold, windy, and damp but worth it!

Our pattern with Latin American mission is that you are responsible for transport and incidentals.

Our host, once they pick us up, cover all our in country costs and ground transport.

Spanish is not necessary, but helpful.

Please reply to me ( as you prayerfully consider what team to be a part of.

Prayers to shape the future

If you want to pray for this Spanish Dunamis project, here are some prayer points:

  • For growing Spanish-speaking Dunamis faculty
  • For the translation work to progress and meet deadlines
  • For those who will receive this teaching when it is distributed
  • For the viral distribution to take hold so that it spreads quickly
  • For the translation team to continue to work well with each other
  • For the video recording and post-production work to meet deadlines
  • For persons of peace to open up new areas where Dunamis teaching can go
  • For provision of funds for the next steps. We estimate that each Dunamis Project Unit costs about $50,000.
  • Pray for the first batch of jump drives with Dunamis 1 and 2 to become reality by October 2018 (postponed from December 2017)
  • Pray for peace in Nicaragua, currently undergoing a period of civil unrest here that started in April of 2018. As of June 2018, the unrest continues and many missions are cancelling teams and activities.

We maintain a specific newsletter list for the work in Latin America, including the Spanish Mobile Dunamis (plus all our other Dunamis work in the Spanish speaking world).

You’ll get updates on Latin American Dunamis with Young Life Central America, as well as our work in Nicaragua.  You’ll get to hear about new developments as new areas of ministry open up.  It’ll guide your prayers.

To sign up click the following link (be sure to select Latin America from the list of Mission Outreach areas. You may select more than one area)

Would you consider a gift for the Mobile Dunamis?

I started taking Dunamis teaching to Nicaragua as an outgrowth of the Williamsburg Dunamis track in 1997. The reach of Dunamis into Latin America has captured my imagination and life since.  Since 2001, PRMI Latin American teams have shared various parts of Dunamis in:

  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Dominican Republic
  • Bolivia and
  • Costa Rica

I have shared some of the Evangelism Dunamis with groups in Venezuela, Panama, and Costa Rica.

We’ve hit a tipping point.

We are beyond our ability to send enough Spanish language teams to meet the demand and thus we are making sure the Dunamis Project gets into Spanish.

Read more on how to give and what our needs are:

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