Susan Finck shared this report with people who interceded for her and Chris Walker during a recent trip to Nicaragua.

Hear about how the Dunamis teaching from past trips has been integrated into the lives of the leaders in Young Life and the fruit of past ministry.

Dear Intercessors,

September 12.2014

Again I want to thank everyone who held us up in prayer as we were at the Young Life Area Directors’ School in Nicaragua.

I noticed an enhanced spiritual perception, inner peace and stamina, particularly after the first update went out.

I think Chris and I were both overwhelmed by the richness and depth of the love we experienced flowing among the leaders, toward us and from us to each of them.

There were 46 in the camp, including the ‘top levels’ of leaders from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama as well as the regional staff.

Our role this time was to love them, encourage them and to pray for and with them. We also got to play ‘wing man’ to the key leaders that were on ‘point’ for the various evenings. This was truly a joy to be part of the whole camp’s dance with the Spirit.

During their classes we served as intercessors and encouragers.

As part of a class on Supervising Leaders, the Regional Director led them in a listening prayer exercise seeking the Spirit’s guidance for very specific direction for their ministries!

We were woven into the fabric of the camp via our longstanding relationships. By virtue of this, we helped them move into kairos moments, giving prompts for action and theological language.

Susan Finck with a few of the Costa Rican and Regional team staff women

Susan Finck with a few of the Costa Rican and
Regional team staff women

“Oracion con Dunamis” (Prayer with Dunamis)

Chris Walker with Yener Lopez, the National Director for Guatemala

Chris Walker (on Right) with Yener Lopez, National Director for Guatemala

This year there was a big board where leaders could sign up for half hour prayer appointments during the afternoons.

We were ‘completely booked’ soon after the sign went up!

The upstairs room where we prayed was empty except for a few plastic chairs, and showcased panaroamic views of the coffee fields, the lake and the exquisite flowers and lush growth. Several commented that “it feels like a sanctuary up here.”

We realized it was the room where we held our first class eleven years ago. Truly sacred space.

To accommodate more people, and to continue equipping others, we brought some of the leaders in with us to serve as prayer team members.

What a joy to watch them stepping out in prayer ministry and seeing the Spirit give gifts to and through them!

There were frequent extended conversations about balancing ministry, marriage and parenthood.

Several of the leaders feel drawn to increase their involvement with PRMI, so we are praying and seeking opportunities.

Camp Staff

Also very precious to me (Susan) were the unplanned conversations and prayer times with several of our longtime friends who work at the camp in various capacities.

The camp employs nearby residents in the coffee fields and production, construction, landscaping, etc.

Each morning at 7am, the sound of praises met me on my way to breakfast as these workers were worshipping before their labors began.

One of our friends who has been raised up through Young Life went on to graduate from college and now runs the coffee enterprise at the camp. He supervises these workers and coordinates this daily worship.

Another woman’s job is lovingly cultivating all the many flowers at the camp. Her eyes and her smile are still with me.

As I think of my dear friends, whose passion is that every teen in Central America would hear about Jesus Christ, I see them as that ‘good soil’ in the parable of the sower – producing a hundredfold for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you again for your prayers.


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