The Holy Spirit is working to equip and commission 60 Korean pastors and church leaders to implement the Dunamis teaching in Korea. These leaders have been trained to use Dunamis materials in their congregations. In addition, 2-3 Dunamis Tracks will be launched in 2011, with entirely Korean leadership teams, under the supervision of the Rev. Ben Torrey, the PRMI Representative to Korea. We also expect to see Dunamis Korea Network gatherings in regional areas where these leaders can meet and continue to grow in learning how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

This special equipping process began in Nov. 2009 at Jesus Abbey, South Korea. All six of the Dunamis Units have been covered, meeting two weeks at a time, covering two units at a time. The teaching team has included Master Teachers from the UK and US (The Revs. Paul Stokes and Frank Drake), who were assisted by Mary Ellen Conners, Jeanne Kraak, the Rev. Ben Torrey and Joseph Kwon. The pace was intense and the focus was to equip the participants to teach Dunamis.

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