The word from Jonathan Edwards about waves of the Holy Spirit describes very well the unique role that God has given PRMI in the history of redemption.

This ministry was founded in 1966 to embody and to nurture the Charismatic move of the Holy Spirit that swept through the world church in the 1960’s to the 1980’s.

Our unique role in this was to place the Charismatic work of the Holy Spirit in our Reformed theological framework and in the understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work that flows from R.A. Torrey and D.L. Moody and that great movement of the Holy Spirit.

In all this our focus is to glorify Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation and to be faithful to the Bible as the Word of God.

Connecting with and nurturing these waves of the Holy Spirit is the role of PRMI.

A 9:23 min. video by Dr. Brad Long – Our role of catching waves of the Holy Spirit through the Dunamis Project: An invitation to all to have a part in the history of redemption.

Recently, if you need to put us into a box, we would be most comfortable in what some have called the “Third Wave” but we do not fit even that category completely.

The Christian Reformed Church has done a wonderful report of the “Third Wave” which presents the strengths as well as the weaknesses of that movement. PRMI is mentioned multiple times in that report.

We are thankful for the affirmations and are committed to grow from the excellent critique that they provide us.

Overall, our focus is on being faithful to the Bible, understanding the Bible from a Reformed theological framework, staying consistent with our historical roots.

Regardless of how we have been identified with the past movements of the Holy Spirit which have enriched the world church, we are committed to relentlessly moving with the Holy Spirit into the future, bringing to whatever new outpourings may be taking place the biblical foundations and decades of practical experiences that we have embodied in the Dunamis teaching and in our style of cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

Right now while we are committed to seeing renewal and waves of the Holy Spirit moving in congregations in Canada, the United States and Great Britain, the doors are open to us all over the place in a number of different Reformed denominations.

In all these places our calling is to embody, nurture and help deepen the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that God the Father has graciously sent in order to advance the saving work of Jesus Christ. All of this is immensely exciting and the call is upon us to step into the great river of the Holy Spirit. I am asking you to join us. We need financial gifts, we need your participation, and we need your prayers.

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