On Memorial Day weekend in 2024 PRMI launched its Restoration Weekend. The vision for this event was to create space for people to come and be with the Lord, with the hope that the Holy Spirit would restore them to be able to go back out into their spheres of influence. In keeping with this vision there was ample time to just wait on the Lord to hear what He might say to us, and it was an enormous blessing.  

“I walked away from the Restoration Weekend with a deep peace. About a week after being home, I found myself shopping for a project that I started well over a year ago for our church. As I was reflecting on my “excitement” to finish this, I heard the Lord say to me that restoration goes deep. Not only do I feel different but my husband says he can see that I am different. Praise God for restoration!” 

“That everyone needs this! Restoration is not just about rejuvenating, relaxing, and resting. He restored my soul supernaturally, by being intentional about spending quiet time in His presence, with no one else, just listening and being gently corrected and brought to a place of repentance, He is able to heal, bring peace, and transform my heart! Ultimately grow in relationship with Him! He gave me many verses of ways He is restoring me. But, one thing that sticks out the most is that He is first and love is the answer. I don’t have to fight battles. He does that! I just need to stand and listen and wait when He tells me to wait and go when He says go, but in order to do that, I have to be well within my soul! Amen!”   

“Thank you for allowing the space… The space for Holy Spirit to work in me… to cry, to grieve, to hear some hard things, to feel His great love for me, to have great long conversations, to fellowship, to listen to God and to others, to hear their hearts and dreams, to meet new friends, great food and to hear revelation from the Lord.” 

There was a lot of prayer that went into preparing for this weekend, including prayers for the Lord to saturate every square inch of the Community of the Cross property and the Sheepfold, and we received consistent feedback that the open afternoon prayer time on Saturday was one of the favorite things about the weekend. This was a time free of any programming to allow people to find a quiet place, make use of the trails for The Walk, or camp out in one of the prayer rooms at the PRMI Prayer House for an intimate one-on-one time with the Lord. 

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