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Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds

By Zeb Bradford Long and Rev. Cynthia Strickler

Chosen Books, a division of Baker Books

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We offer this book to you with the prayer that it will help you grow in cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the area of inner healing and deliverance ministry. The need for this type of Christ-centered ministry in the world is vast. Most people suffer from hidden wounds as a result of living in a fallen world. However, God's original plan for humanity included spiritual, emotional, physical and relational wholeness. As Christians, we are invited to participate in the process of restoration with Jesus, who heals from the inside out and sends us to pray for the healing of others.

This book focuses on learning how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to bring healing and deliverance. Cindy and I developed a three-fold dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit from the Bible, as well as from our practical experience of teaching and doing ministry at the PRMI Healing and Spiritual Warfare Dunamis Project events.

We were most excited that J.I. Packer, professor of theology at Regent College, affirmed the biblical basis of the book:


At the heart of this book is massive, sober, Bible-based wisdom
about all dimensions of the ministry of inner healing through prayer.
On the practicalities of this spiritual therapy it is a top class resource.


Dr. Francis MacNutt was our first teacher on the healing work of Jesus Christ that can only be done in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. He gave the book's approach the following endorsement:


I love the approach of this book, which represents the key elements of
healing as a process. This book is excellent, very balanced, with important
things to say.


There are two important topics that we were unable to fully develop in our book. The first is the healing of those who are in bondage to homosexual sin. From the Bible and our experience we are convinced that Jesus loves those struggling with same gender attractions and that they may be healed. Dr. Francis MacNutt, the founding director of Christian Healing Ministries, has written an excellent book entitled: "Homosexuality: Can It Be Healed?". This book can be purchased by calling Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. at 1-904-765-3332.

Online Video Courses

The Dunamis Institute offers courses on-line in a self-study format where you can explore our systematic, biblical teaching on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.

There is no official start/ending date.

They include downloadable teaching manuals and video teaching available over the internet. 

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The Walk: The Community of the Cross

Although we have picked specific places at the Community of the Cross for each step of this WALK, this pattern of prayer may be used anywhere and we hope you will join us in this walk wherever the Holy Spirit has led you.

When you can, join us at the Community of the Cross for the WALK.   Those who cannot come physically are invited to join us spiritually and pray with us!

One whole morning was spent going to the four prayer places at the Community of the Cross.

We also made a video of this with the focus on reading of the scripture that the Holy Spirit gave us for each place. 

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The Walk: Jesus said "I am"

The Walk is a simple but powerful form of engagement with God that combines verses of scripture with movement in a way similar to the Stations of the Cross. 

In this WALK, you will spend time relfection on the question: "Lord, who are you?"

Then you'll move through the 7 "I am" Statements of Jesus.

The Walk combines scripture with movement. You linger on each step for as long as the Lord speaks. Change place, even if it just a few feet, when you are led to go to the next step.

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The Walk: Becoming Empowered Witnesses

Becoming Empowered Witnesses: Fulfilling Acts 1:8

Jesus Christ promises, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

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The Walk: Preparing for Pentecost

The First Step: Jesus how are You sending me as the Father Sent you?

The Second Step: Jesus show me the internal and external obstacles to fulfilling Your calling.

The Third Step: Jesus fill me with the Holy Spirit and move in power to accomplish Your work through me.

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