7 Habits of Dunamis Prayer Ministry Teams

7 Habits of Dunamis Prayer Teams

All of the streams of Christian renewal have different traditions, customs and guidelines, that arise out of many different theologies. The Dunamis Project is no exception.

We want to acquaint you with what might be called the Dunamis Style of Ministry, our understanding of the ways in which we affirm ministry to be done as a part of The Dunamis Project.

Our style may differ from those with which you are familiar or may have used in other settings.

We believe that all of the specifics with which we concern ourselves find themselves grounded and rooted in the same reformed perspective as does our teaching.

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Jesus continues to cast out demons

Many Christians have never experienced the reality of evil spirits because they have never entered a situation where the Holy Spirit was invited to move in power to make real the presence of Jesus Christ.

When the Lord Jesus is present by the power of the Holy Spirit, He may come with such intensity and presence that evil spirits hiding within people are forced out into the open to indicate their presence.

At that point, the Holy Spirit empowers Christians in the authority of Jesus to cast the evil spirits out. 

What do you do?

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Why is the Holy Spirit so important?

Why is the Holy Spirit so important?

Why not just focus on just God the Father and God the Son? Are not the Father’s love and the salvation we have in Jesus Christ the really important parts of the Gospel? Yes, that is right.

The importance of the Holy Spirit is found when we ask another question, “How does the love of God the Father expressed in Jesus Christ become experienced and real in our own life?”

That’s where we come to the role of the Holy Spirit.

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Watch: The Four Discernment Tests

How do we know something is really from the Lord?

As we grow in cooperating with the Holy Spirit this becomes a critically important question.

We believe that God does indeed speak to us and guide and direct us. As Christians it is all-important that we receive this guidance, other-wise we do not know what to do. The issue becomes, then, how can we be sure that the guidance we are getting is actually from the Holy Spirit and not just our imagination or even from the Devil.

The Bible gives us four guidelines that can help us determine if something really is coming from the Holy Spirit. In this sermon video, given at Clinchfield Presbyterian Church on February 28, 2010, I point out how to apply these four guidelines to several very practical pastoral issues.

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Are you called to be an intercessor?

Is God calling you as an intercessor? How do you know? And if so what do you do?

A number of people have written me describing mystical experiences and wondering if they were crazy or called as intercessors.

There were some who not only got clear words of guidance, but also “saw” into the spiritual realms and saw Satan at work but also saw God at work as well.

The wonderful thing about all this is that it confirmed that God is at work calling people to do the work of intercession and working through us in a coordinated way to do His work on earth of overcoming evil and advancing His Kingdom.

I believe that God is calling PRMI to provide a way of equipping those whom the Holy Spirit is calling into this strange, sometimes terrible and dangerous, but glorious work of intercession.

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