Discerning The Times

Discerning the Times combines biblical discernment and reasoned analysis to expose Satan’s plans in Radical Islam today.

We face a “gathering storm," comparable to the 1930’s when the demonic stronghold of Nazism gained the strength to launch Satan’s strategies to destroy Judeo-Christian culture and exterminate the Jews.

Drawing from the words of the radical leaders themselves, the ancient writings of Islam, and Islamic/European history,  punctuated with his dramatic personal examples of prayer engagements, you'll see the a way for the Church to make sense of what is happening in our day.

From a decidedly Christian perspective, seeing both the natural and the spiritual dynamics of this war, this book is both a warning and the foundation for a call to strategic prayer and spiritual warfare to avert the terrible consequences which will otherwise fall upon the world.

The Rev Dr. Zeb Bradford Long brings careful skill to this critical task of discerning the times.  He starts with a grounding in the Bible and Reformed theology, and then brings along decades of practical experience equipping Christians to take part in advancing waves of the Holy Spirit in North America, UK, China, Korea and Africa,

He has often been called into the gap as an intercessor and spiritual warrior.

Long also brings a unique, military, psychological and historical perspective needed in this task of understanding and defeating the multidimensional demonic stronghold of Radical Islam.

Other published books by Zeb Bradford Long (Brad Long) include "Prayer that Shapes the Future" co-authored by Doug McMurry, "Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit" co-authored by Paul Stokes and Cindy Strickler, and "The Collapse of the Brass Heaven"

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