The Collapse of the Brass Heaven

Rebuilding our Worldview to Embrace the Power of God

By Zeb Bradford Long and Douglas McMurry

Chosen Books, a division of Baker Books

Catalog number: 0-8007-9215-7

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This book provocatively surveys the historical relationship of Christians to their culture, calling the church to its supernatural roots.

  The Collapse of the Brass Heaven Long Zeb Bradford


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Receiving the Power: Preparing the Way for the Holy Spirit

      "It is a timely account of how we, as a culture and a church,
have reached this point of moral confusion, and the necessity of
getting back to the basics of biblical Christianity enables people
to embrace biblical realities and thus prepares the way for renewal
in the Holy Spirit.

Harlan A. Nuss - Presbyterian Pastor, Iowa



I believed that everything that was real could be studied under a microscope and that truth could only be discovered by the gray matter of one's brain. I was a product of the worldview of my generation - a humanist with a very limited understanding of God almighty. ...Thank you, Brad and Doug, for helping me understand how the brass heaven of that worldview entrapped me and kept me from seeing God's glory. It should be required reading



    Betty Schonauer - freelance writer, Pennsylvania

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