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A Prayer Strategy for Victory

A Prayer Strategy for Jesus' Victory Over Radical Islam is book 2 in the series written by Brad Long.

Based on the intelligence presented in Book 1, Zeb Bradford Long presents a prayer strategy for cooperating with the Holy Spirit in defeating this enemy and advancing the Gospel into the Muslim world.

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Discerning The Times

Discerning the Times

Discerning the Times combines biblical discernment and reasoned analysis to expose Satan’s plans in Radical Islam today.

We face a “gathering storm," comparable to the 1930’s when the demonic stronghold of Nazism gained the strength to launch Satan’s strategies to destroy Judeo-Christian culture and exterminate the Jews.

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FireStarter: The Holy Spirit Empowers

Some fear the empowerment of Holy Spirit.

Others cherish it.

Most ignore it.

But it is available to every Christian and essential for the gospel's advance. I am referring to the empowering dimension of the Holy Spirit's work not only in the Old Testament and the New, but also in our day.

"Usually books on the Holy Spirit have good theology and biblical teaching, but render the Third Person of the Trinity impersonal, dull, and dry. They do not draw us into the author’s lived experience.

Or, they are full of exciting experiences with the Holy Spirit, but they do not help us build a good biblical and theological foundation for understanding and cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

This book is a masterpiece of doing both. As you read, you will grow in personal experience as well as biblical understanding!" 

~ Dr. Brad Long, Executive Director of PRMI

To order the Kindle version of the book from Amazon, CLICK HERE

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Growing The Church In The Power Of The Holy Spirit

There is a lost and hurting world next door, down the street, and across oceans. As churches and Christ-followers, we are mandated to reach those who are lost with the Good News of Jesus. Unfortunately, too often, churches and individuals rely on business techniques, charismatic leadership, or other human endeavors.

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit gives seven principles to pastors and church leaders on how to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, rather than outside influences, to grow Christ’s church.  This book offers a biblical basis and practical approach for nurturing a dynamic cooperative process within churches, drawing on experience from around the world.  Learn these dynamics and practice them, renewal and transformation will come to your congregation.

This book which gathers up the practical teaching on the Holy Spirit and makes direct application to the local congregation. This is for pastors, church leaders and all who love the church and want her to be the body of Jesus Christ.

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Fresh Bread


How Jesus Draws us to God

By Douglas McMurry


  • A book for people hungry for God
  • A dynamic statement of Christian basics
  • A tool for disciple-makers
  • A devotional springboard into the Scriptures
  • A 22-week guide for Bread groups

This book is a proven way of introducing new Christians to the basics of biblical teaching. It has also helped old-timers in churches to grasp these basics in a refreshing and renewing way.


Used as a gift to non-Christians, it can help to plant seeds of faith, and to interest people in the promises and commands of Christ. Most of all, it is a means of challenging small groups of Christians to practice what they believe.

Copies are available from the PRMI office.  Please call the office at Phone: (828) 669-7373


Receiving The Power

Divisive factions long ago reduced the Holy Spirit to tongues.

Now a postcharismatic "third wave" outpouring may bring more balanced spiritual revival. 

  • Move beyond a powerless Christianity
  • Understand the balance between "the Spirit within" and "the Spirit upon"
  • Pray for the empowerment of God’s Spirit to do the work of Jesus Christ!

This book clearly presents basic teaching on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit from a Reformed and biblical perspective.

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The Collapse of the Brass Heaven

Rebuilding our Worldview to Embrace the Power of God

By Zeb Bradford Long and Douglas McMurry

Chosen Books, a division of Baker Books

Catalog number: 0-8007-9215-7

Price $12.00 plus postage and handling

This book provocatively surveys the historical relationship of Christians to their culture, calling the church to its supernatural roots.

  The Collapse of the Brass Heaven Long Zeb Bradford

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Prayer That Shapes The Future

Prayer that Shapes the futureBy Zeb Bradford Long and Douglas McMurry

Zondervan Publishing House

Price: $13.00 plus postage and handlingWould you like to pray with more consistency, more authority and more of a sense that your prayers make a difference? Prayer that Shapes the Future guides you into the kind of prayer that you've been longing for: powerful, life-changing participation with your heavenly Father in bringing forth His kingdom on earth.

Copies are available from the PRMI office.  Please call the office at Phone: (828) 669-7373


Passage Through The Wilderness

By Zeb Bradford Long

Chosen Books, a division of Baker Books

Catalog number: 0-8007-9262-9

Price: $12.00 plus postage and handling
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The wilderness: that stormy, often frightening realm where Christians inevitably find themselves at some point in their spiritual journey. Brad Long wrote this book during his own wilderness experience while working as a missionary in Taiwan.

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Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds

By Zeb Bradford Long and Rev. Cynthia Strickler

Chosen Books, a division of Baker Books

Price: $14.00 plus postage and handling

We offer this book to you with the prayer that it will help you grow in cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the area of inner healing and deliverance ministry. The need for this type of Christ-centered ministry in the world is vast. Most people suffer from hidden wounds as a result of living in a fallen world. However, God's original plan for humanity included spiritual, emotional, physical and relational wholeness. As Christians, we are invited to participate in the process of restoration with Jesus, who heals from the inside out and sends us to pray for the healing of others.

This book focuses on learning how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to bring healing and deliverance. Cindy and I developed a three-fold dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit from the Bible, as well as from our practical experience of teaching and doing ministry at the PRMI Healing and Spiritual Warfare Dunamis Project events.

We were most excited that J.I. Packer, professor of theology at Regent College, affirmed the biblical basis of the book:


At the heart of this book is massive, sober, Bible-based wisdom
about all dimensions of the ministry of inner healing through prayer.
On the practicalities of this spiritual therapy it is a top class resource.


Dr. Francis MacNutt was our first teacher on the healing work of Jesus Christ that can only be done in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. He gave the book's approach the following endorsement:


I love the approach of this book, which represents the key elements of
healing as a process. This book is excellent, very balanced, with important
things to say.


There are two important topics that we were unable to fully develop in our book. The first is the healing of those who are in bondage to homosexual sin. From the Bible and our experience we are convinced that Jesus loves those struggling with same gender attractions and that they may be healed. Dr. Francis MacNutt, the founding director of Christian Healing Ministries, has written an excellent book entitled: "Homosexuality: Can It Be Healed?". This book can be purchased by calling Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. at 1-904-765-3332.

Online Video Courses

The Dunamis Institute offers courses on-line in a self-study format where you can explore our systematic, biblical teaching on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.

There is no official start/ending date.

They include downloadable teaching manuals and video teaching available over the internet. 

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